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 The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions includes disciplines and modes of inquiry that provide strong intellectual and cultural foundations for the study of the professions in modern life. Our dual academic purpose is to provide disciplinary and research course work for students in other parts of the school, while also preparing students within our own department for positions leading to research and teaching in colleges and universities, in government, and in other service organizations, both nationally and internationally.

The Humanities & Social Sciences Department offers a degree in Applied Psychology as well as general education and service courses for the entire institution minors. We are committed to expanding our role in helping students develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, global knowledge, and ethical and cultural awareness, in addition to workplace skills.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department offers a wide variety of classes that meet the general education requirements for technical students. In addition, these classes meet the lower-division requirements for college transfer students in many pre-professional programs


Office Information

Randall Kaufman
Humanities & Social Sciences,
(305) 237-5267

Toshiba Mitchell
Assistant to the Chair
(305) 237-5302

Wendy Carlson
Department Secretary
(305) 237-5048



































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