Association of Florida Colleges

Miami Dade College Chapter

Chapter Member Information

Association of Florida Colleges 2019-2020 Executive Board Officers

Title Name
Region V Director & Chapter President Mark L. Johnson
Chapter Secretary Carol Wynter
Commission Chair of Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity
And Chapter Membership Chair
Daniella G. Pierre
AFC Membership Committee Co-Chair Wanda Curtiss
MDC Director of Governmental Affairs Victoria Hernandez

Additional Resources

Hialeah Campus

Title Name
Campus VP TBA
Secretary TBA
Membership Chair TBA
Treasurer Aimee Lorenzzi

Homestead Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Clairem Diaz
Secretary Lynne Arguelles
Membership Chair Maria Freeman
Treasurer Xania Lawrence

Eduardo J. Padrón Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Zelda Rivas
Secretary Amy Blanco
Membership Chairperson Clorinda Blanco
Treasurer Clorinda Blanco

Kendall Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Theresa Jones
Secretary Nora Morales
Membership Chair Marco Nunez
Treasurer Dianne Valdivia

Medical Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Carol Wynter
Secretary Shantonise Butler
Membership Chair Maria Denise Mera
Treasurer Mark Ross

North Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Daniella G. Pierre
Secretary Liliana Ramirez
Membership Chair Roger Williams
Treasurer Elsa Tanis

West Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Bertha Cabrera    
Secretary Wanda Curtiss
Membership Chair Professor Jesse Carlo
Treasurer Mayte Pino

Wolfson Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Tracey Bowen
Secretary Professor Elizabeth Ramsay
Membership Chair Jackie Peron
Treasurer Erika Balladares