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Welcome to the Baccalaureate Implementation Website

The Baccalaureate Implementation website has been designed to provide examples for Baccalaureate implementation tasks. Each document is in Word Image of a Word document icon format, and can be used as a template.

Note: The committee structure can be determined by each campus, but the tasks listed must be completed.

It is recommended that the following steps be used as a guideline (links are listed on left menu pane):

1. Implementation Planning

. . . . a. Implementation Chart
. . . . b. Establish a SharePoint Site, as necessary
. . . . c. Implementation Timeline
            (Refer to Proposal Timeline submitted to the State)
. . . . d. Appointment for Campus Committee(s) (See examples in Section 2)

2. Implementation Tasks
. . Implementation Committees may be assigned the following tasks:

. . . . a. Academic Tasks
. . . . b. Student Services Tasks
. . . . c. Administrative / Resources Tasks

3. Final Reports

a. Final report to College President Memo

b. Final report to College President Grid

c. Annual Report (to be submitted August 15th after implementation)

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