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Student Services Tasks / Documents
Student Services Tasks / Documents  
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Suggested Implementation Tasks, Committees, and Resources

Baccalaureate Programs


Student Services Tasks Student Services Documents Examples
  1. Admission criteria/materials
    1. Establish / operationalize prior to marketing/advisement, including international and foreign graduate criteria
    2. On-line applications/supplemental applications
  2. Recruitment/applicant pool
    1. Inquiry cycle/target populations/tracking logs
    2. Identify eligible applicants/develop correspondence
    3. Student preparation during previous term(s)
    4. Admission evaluation
    5. Correspondence for acceptance, non-acceptance
    6. Open Houses/marketing/information sessions
  3. Admission/Registration codes
    1. Program codes
      1. Pre-select criteria
      2. In-Program
    2. Award Types / Level / Degree granted (IR data collection)
    3. Credit Types
    4. Special designators (tracking/identifying)
  4. Transcript Evaluations
    1. Transfer criteria
    2. Degree audits
      1. Development (with OAP/IT)
      2. Testing  
  5. Advisement/Advising plans
    1. Full time
    2. Part time
  6. Publications (See Administrative Tasks for Example)
    1. Marketing
    2. Orientation Handbooks (as appropriate)
    3. Campus Websites
  7. Advisement/Orientations/Registration
  8. Data Collection for State Reporting


1. Committee Appointment
2. Tasks List
3. How to Apply to Program
4. Foreign Language and Communication / Computation Skills
5. Gordon Rule Criteria
6. Intake Form
7. Conditional Admission Letter
8. Admission Letter
9. Program Termination Plan PSM
10. Program Codes
11. IR Admission Data Issues
12. IR Odyssey Data Collection

















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