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Time-saving Opportunities


The State of Florida and MDC offer high school students several opportunities to shorten the time needed to complete a high school diploma and a post-secondary degree and to increase their learning. These time-saving opportunities include:

  • Advanced Placement Program – (AP) – eligible secondary students may enroll in a course offered through the Advanced Placement program administered by the College Board. College credit is granted to those students who score a minimum of 3, (on a 5-point scale) on the correspondent AP examination.

  • Credit by Examination – secondary students may earn college credit based on obtaining a specified minimum score on nationally standardized general or subject area examinations. (CLEP)

  • Dual Enrollment – enrollment in post-secondary college courses by eligible high school students currently attending accredited Miami-Dade County public or private schools, or home education programs. Through the dual enrollment program, high school students can earn college or vocational credits that will also count towards the high school diploma, provided they meet program rules and regulations, such as an unweighted 3.0 cumulative GPA and passing the College Placement Test.

    Students participating in Dual Enrollment are exempt from the payment of application, tuition and laboratory fees.

  • Early Admission – is a form of dual enrollment through which eligible secondary students enroll at Miami Dade College on a full-time basis in courses that are creditable toward the high school diploma, and the associate or baccalaureate degree. Students are exempt from the payment of tuition and laboratory fees.

  • International Baccalaureate – (IB) - a program in which eligible secondary students are enrolled in a program of study offered through the International Baccalaureate Office. Examinations are used to grant college credit to students who earn a minimum of four on a 7-point scale on a subject examination conducted by the International Baccalaureate office. Students may be awarded a maximum of 45 semester credit hours.

  • Career Pathway Programs – are technical programs of study in high school that integrate academic and career education. Students who complete technical program of study along with the required academic courses and graduate with a high school diploma may participate in articulated programs that will grant them college credits for the mastery of the technical skills acquired.

    Miami Dade College and Miami-Dade County Public Schools have established TECH Prep agreements which identify a well-planned and endorsed course of study showing a pathway to college, creating a meaningful linkage between secondary and post–secondary education. These agreements are in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Allied Health programs, Business, Agribusiness, Landscaping, Computer Technology, and Industrial Education.

    Students may receive 6–12 college credits toward an Associate in Science degree.

What are the Benefits of all these Time-Saving opportunities?

Students save money because they do not pay application, tuition, laboratory or textbooks fees

Students obtain high school and college credits

Students have an opportunity to take challenging courses taught by qualified college professors

TECH Prep students qualify for the Gold Seal Scholarship, which pays for 75% of the student's college tuition (part of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program).


Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin,
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