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Course User Fee Audit 2012-2016

The Academic Leadership Council (ALC) in conjunction with Business Affairs, has determined for optimization purposes to define all college credit courses (credit and vocational) into a categorical system divided into "disciplines of study" to allocate an equal and reasonable amount of courses to be audited in twenty percent (20%) increments for a total of one hundred percent (100%) after a 5 year period.

Beginning in 2012, the master list of all the courses in the Course Dictionary that have a fee will be provided to ALC members for the selection of the 20% Fee Audit Lists for the next 5 years. Each year the list will be updated to reflect changes that occurred during the year affecting the number of courses in the Course Dictionary that have a fee.

Course User Fee Audit List (Documents)

Business Affairs Contact Information

Blanca Ortega

Important Dates to Remember

  • June 12
    Last day to request any changes to the List

  • June 15
    Final official List will be sent to the Academic Deans

  • June 29
    Last day to send the requested information regarding courses, contacts and conveners

  • August 15
    Last day to submit Fee Audit information to Business Affairs through CurricUNET

Business Affairs Additional Resources

Fee Type Legend  PDF Document

CTD Training Courses

CurricUNET Information << click for more information <<

The additional curriculum development resources (Introduction, Develop A Course, Develop A Program) listed below are still available as "concept only" resources and will be replaced with CurricUNET – specific materials as we continue the transition from the manual to the on-line processes.

All curriculum must be proposed through CurricUNET. Contact the Office of Academic Programs for further assistance.


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disability, veteran´s status, sexual orientation, or genetic information. Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator, at 305.237.2577 for information.