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Introduction to Fee Development

No user fees shall be assessed to students without prior approval from the College Academic & Student Support Council (CASSC). Fees should be based on student enrollment, technological improvements, and departmental needs. Examples of such fees include those associated with course materials, laboratory materials, workshop materials, equipment usage, or other departmental costs.

Proposed / Modified Fee

All Proposed (New) and Modified (Modification or Deletion) must be entered into the curriculum management system (CurricUNET) and proceed through the curriculum approval process.

Fee Audit / Process << click for more information <<

The Academic Leadership Council (ALC) in conjunction with Business Affairs, has determined for optimization purposes to define all college credit courses (credit and vocational) into a categorical system divided into "disciplines of study" to allocate an equal and reasonable amount of courses to be audited in twenty percent (20%) increments for a total of one hundred percent (100%) after a 5 year period.

Beginning in 2012, the master list of all the courses in the Course Dictionary that have a fee will be provided to ALC members for the selection of the 20% Fee Audit Lists for the next 5 years. Each year the list will be updated to reflect changes that occurred during the year affecting the number of courses in the Course Dictionary that have a fee.

How to submit your Fee Proposal via CurricUNET

Fee Audit Help

For additional assistance, please contact:

Blanca Ortega, Business Affairs Representative


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