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Introduction to Curriculum Process Timeline

The "MDC Curriculum Timeline" is the process by which all curricular items are submitted for consideration and approval. The timeline reduces the curriculum approval process by streamlining the review time for each council or committee. The timeline also provides the option of either a face-to-face meeting or an electronic vote. The amount of time allotted for review requires approximately one (1) week (or less) between each review step. The timeline incorporates/publishes the fee schedule deadlines included in MDC Procedure 1164 to ensure that courses which include fees are processed prior to MDC Open Registration dates. Florida Department of Education approximate approval time is 3-4 months for new Statewide Degrees/Certificates. The timeline, however, is related only to approvals that do not require further approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). If a new program constitutes a substantive change, the timeline for final program approval and subsequent implementation must take into account the preparation of a prospectus and SACS review and approval. The prospectus generally takes 2-3 months to prepare, and the SACS review generally takes 5-6 months after the prospectus is received by SACS.

Course Timeline

The following curricular items require only ALC approval. They are submitted to CASSC and College-wide CASSC as "Information Items Only" and do not require a formal vote by Campus or College-wide CASSC. The information can be disseminated electronically:

  • State Mandated Requests
  • Five Year Delete
  • Pre-or-Corequisite Hardcoding (provided the course description states the pre-or-corequisite)

The following curricular items are implemented upon ALC approval and do not proceed to Campus or College-wide CASSC and can be disseminated electronically:

  • Course Competencies
  • SLO Format of Course Descriptions

All other proposals will follow the Curriculum Process Timeline.

All changes for curriculum items must be presented / approved prior to the "open term registration" period at the college. If additional discussion time is needed, ALC may shift the curriculum item(s) to the next curriculum cycle.

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Course Workflow


State Mandated

Course Workflow Chart State Mandated Workflow


Program Timeline

The entire process can take several months and faculty are encouraged to submit proposals in a timely manner. For courses to be included in the MDC Catalog, proposals must be submitted no later than January. Note: The Florida Department of Education requires approximately 3-4 months for new Statewide Degrees/Certificates approval. For SACS approval, the prospectus generally takes 2-3 months to prepare, and review generally takes 5-6 months after the prospectus is received.

Refer to the Curriculum Process Timeline for planning assistance.

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Lower Division


Upper Division

Lower Division Timeline Upper Division Timeline

Program Modification


Program Deletion

Program Modification Timeline Program Deletion Timeline


CASSC Website << click for more information <<

CASSC is an acronym that stands for College Academic and Student Support Council and Campus Academic and Student Support Council. The CASSC structure was established to provide a monthly forum in academic affairs and student services programs with faculty, staff and administrator participation. College and campus CASSCs began meeting in the Fall of 1998. Committees reporting to CASSC began meeting in the fall of 2000.


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