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The Statewide Articulation agreement is a contract between the Florida State University System (11 public universities) and the FL Community College System (28 community colleges).  It provides a seamless transfer process between and among the public post secondary institutions.  This agreement ensures that if a student completes the Associate in Arts (AA) degree, admission to at least one of the State Universities is guaranteed.  However, admission into a specific program at a given university may not be assured.

Some degree programs may include additional admission requirements (e.g. a higher grade point average and/or higher test courses, additional courses or prerequisites, or auditions and/or portfolios).  These programs are referred to as “limited access” programs.
Transfer Agreement Highlights
  • Acceptance of at least 60 semester hours by the state universities
  • Adherence to the university degree/program requirements based on the catalog in effect at the time the student first enters the community college, provided the student  maintains continuous enrollment
  • Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide Course Numbering System.
  • Acceptance by the state universities of credits earned in accelerated programs (e.g. CLEP, AP, Dual Enrollment, IB and AICE).
  • No additional general education core requirements
  • Advanced knowledge of selection criteria for limited access programs.
  • Equal opportunity with native university students to enter limited access programs.

The state universities offer transfer scholarships.  To be considered, students must first apply for admission and be accepted. Deadline for applications is MARCH 1st.

The Colleges or departments as well as other offices at the university, e.g. Financial Aid, Academic and Support Services, Alumni Relations, or Office of Equal Opportunities are also good sources to look for scholarship information.

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