• Marvin Jean-Pierre

    #0 - Marvin Jean-Pierre

    Class: SO
    Height: 6’3
    High School: Deerfield Beach High School
    Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL
    Awards/ Honors:(MDC) 1st Team All-Southern Conference, 2015 FCSAA All-Tournament Team, Avg 16pts, 6 reb, 2ast, 3 stl in conference play.
    Hobbies: Sleep, eat, play video games, and dance.
    Dreams:Play professional basketball.
    Favorite Quote: Go hard or go home.

  • Darius Williams

    #1 - Darius Williams

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’0
    High School: T.W. Josey High School
    Hometown:Augusta, GA
    Major: Undecided
    Awards/ Honors:2,000 Points Award, Player of the Year 2013-14, Leading Scorer in Georgia 14-15 (41.5 ppg), 4x First Team, Freshman of the Year
    Hobbies: Loves to swim, buying Jordans, and playing basketball.
    Dreams: To become the best man I can be and make it to the NBA.
    Favorite Quote: Live like 25.

  • Bradley Ficken

    #2 - Bradley Ficken

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’3
    High School: Tatachilla Lutheran
    Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
    Major: Undecided
    Awards/ Honors: 2015 Australian squad of 24 U19s, 5x MVP of Southern Tigers Basketball Club, represented South Australia at Australian Nationals 3x
    Hobbies: Australian rules football, fishing
    Dreams: Play professional basketball.
    Favorite Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

  • Jemar Perkins

    #3 - Jemar Perkins

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’0
    High School: University City High School
    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major: Business
    Awards/ Honors: 25 PPG, 1st Team All-District, Defensive Player of the Year, 5th leading scorer, New Comer of the Year, 3 year starter on varsity.
    Hobbies: Playing 2k, and chilling with teammates.
    Dreams: To become a successful business owner. Make moms’ proud.
    Favorite Quote: Never give in, give it your all.


  • Joe Mvuezoio

    #4 - Joe Mvuezoio

    Position: Forward
    Height: 6’5
    High School: Barking Abbey
    Hometown: London, England
    Major: Physical education and sports teaching
    Awards/ Honors: (MDC) 2015 1st Team All-Southern Conference, Average 10 pts, 41% 3 pt fg, 3 reb, 1 ast, Represented England in U15 & U16 European Championships and was awarded 1st Team All-Tournament, represented Great Britain in 2014 U20 European Championship.
    Hobbies:Playing basketball.
    Dreams:Play professional basketball in the NBA or play in Europe, be the best out of the U.K.
    Favorite Quote: I’ve failed over and over again that’s why I succeed. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13.

  • Antanas Krimelis

    #5 - Antanas Krimelis

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’5
    High School: The Phelps School
    Hometown: Kaunas, Lithuania
    Major: Economics
    Awards/ Honors:2015 PAISAA State Champion, U15 European Youth Olympic Festival Gold Medal Winner and Top Scorer for Lithuanian National Team, Member of Lithuanian U16 National Team in European Championship (2nd best scorer), 2015 Big Apple Basketball Invitational Tournament MVP
    Hobbies: Watching tv shows, going out to eat, playing soccer with my friends.
    Dreams: To be successful in whatever I end up doing in my life.
    Favorite Quote: If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

  • Jaquan Bagwell

    #12 - Jaquan Bagwell

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’5
    High School: Comenius High School
    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
    Major: Business
    Awards/ Honors: Highschool MVP (23ppg, 10rpg, 5apg), All-Tournament Team, Christmas Classic MVP, Member of the Top 60 Players in Charlotte Invitational Basketball League (CIBL)
    Hobbies: Basketball, fishing, movies, hanging with friends.
    Dreams:I would like to own a business if that doesn’t work out I’ll just go to the NBA.
    Favorite Quote: What is love? Love is like playing every game like it’s your last.

  • Abraham Dalen Traore

    #15 - Abraham Dalen Traore

    Class: SO
    Position: Center
    Height: 6’9
    High School: Northwood Temple Academy
    Hometown: Abidijan, Ivory Coast
    Major: Medicine/Physical Therapy
    Awards/ Honors: 1st Team All State in North Carolina, MVP of the North Carolina Christian Conference, 1st Team Fayetteville County, Participant of the 2013 U19 World Championship and finished 2nd best in rebounds of the tournament (played against Jahlil Okafor, Aaron Gordon, and Marcus Small)
    Hobbies: Go out and have fun, movies, and go to restaurants.
    Dreams: Play professional basketball
    Favorite Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.

  • Marko Krivacevic

    #22 - Marko Krivacevic

    Class: FR
    Position: Forward/Center
    Height: 6’9
    High School: Nikola Tesla High School
    Hometown: Szombathely, Hungary
    Major: Business Administration
    Awards/ Honors: Member of Hungarian U18 & U20 National Team
    Hobbies: Basketball, watching tv show, playing video games, reading books, hanging out with friends.
    Dreams: Play in the NBA, play for partisan Belgrade BC. Make a winning three in any finals game.
    Favorite Quote: An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and a dream in his head.

  • Paulius Zabileicius

    #25 - Paulius Zabilevicius

    Class: SO
    Position: Forward
    Height: 6’8
    High School: De La Salle Institute (Chicago, IL)/ Gillette College
    Hometown: Panevezys, Lithuania
    Major: Accounting
    Awards/ Honors: Student A Honors Award, Qualifier for Lithuanian U16 National Team
    Hobbies: Spend time with friends, play tennis.
    Dreams:Play professional basketball.
    Favorite Quote: Never give up.

  • Victor Sanchez

    #32 - Victor Sanchez

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’2
    High School: Canarias Basketball Academy (CBA)
    Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
    Major: Undecided
    Awards/ Honors: Regional 2nd place with CBA, Got 12 position in national Championship with CBA averaged 7.2 assists.
    Hobbies: Ride my bike, watch soccer, play video games, FC Barcelona Fan
    Dreams: Play professional basketball in Europe, give back to my parents for all they have given me throughout the years.
    Favorite Quote: Give always 120%.

  • Patrick Pauwels

    #33 - Patrick Pauwels

    Class: FR
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6’4
    High School: Mission Viejo High School
    Hometown: Mission Viejo
    Major: Professional Pilot Technology
    Awards/ Honors: N/A
    Hobbies: Watching sports, surfing, snowboarding, enjoying the beach with friends, playing sports, go out with friends. See movies, etc.
    Dreams: To become a pilot. Play pro ball in Argentina, South America. Minor in Sports Psychology.
    Favorite Quote: The only easy day was yesterday.

  • Shaquillo Fritz

    #34 - Shaquillo Fritz

    Class: FR
    Position: Forward
    Height: 6’9
    High School: IMG Academy
    Hometown: Freeport, Bahamas
    Major: Business
    Awards/ Honors: All-State 1st Team (Phoenix), State High Jumper Champion (6’8), 2x High School Basketball Champions (Soph/Jun), Record for most blocks/rebounds in state- Avg 19 reb/ 6 blks per game, Senior year (8pts, 14 reb, 4 blocks per game).
    Hobbies: Video games
    Dreams: Professional basketball player
    Favorite Quote: Led by faith, not by sight.

  • Matas Budrys

    #42 - Matas Budrys

    Class: FR
    Position: Forward
    Height: 6’6
    High School: St. John’s College HS
    Hometown: Kretinga, Lithuania
    Major: Undecided
    Awards/ Honors:2012-13 Lithuanian Youth Basketball League Champion, played for Lithuanian U16 National Team, 2015 DC State Champion.
    Hobbies: Play video games, spend time with friends.
    Dreams: Play professional basketball.
    Favorite Quote: Never give up.