• Adriani Pena Sureda

    # 1 - Adriana Pena Sureda

    Class: SO
    Postion: Libero
    Height: 5’5
    High School: Cabo Rojo Christian Academy
    Hometown: Puerto Rico
    Major: Biology
    Awards/Honors: Senior class secretary. Graduated with high honors.
    Hobbies: Going to the beach, shopping, family time.
    Dreams: My dreams are to become a Physcian Assistant and graduate with honors.
    Favorite Quote: “ Don’t judge others because they seem differently than you.”

  • Merrisa D. Murphy

    # 2 - Merrisa D. Murphy

    Class: SO
    Postion: Middle Blocker
    Heigh: 6’0
    High School : Charlotte Amalie High School
    Hometown: St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.
    Major: Psychology
    Awards/Honors: Basketball Allstars two years.
    Hobbies: My Hobbies are cooking, watching TV, reading, and ofcourse playing volleyball.
    Dreams: Upon graduating from a four year school, I plan to become a navy officer.
    Favorite qoute: “ The women who follows the crowd will usually go no furhter than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”- Albert Einstein

  • Adara Anselmo

    # 3 -  Adara Anselmo

    Class:  FR
    Postion: DS, Libero
    Height: 5’9
    High School:  Coral Reef Senior High
    Hometown:  Miami, Florida
    Major: Nursing
    Awards/Honors: 2nd Team All Dade
    Hobbies: Beach Volleyball, fishing, watching netflix
    Dreams: Be a nurse in Brazil
    Favorite Ouote: “ Just keep on keep’in on”

  • Carelis Rojas

    # 4 - Carelis Rojas

    Class: SO
    Postion: Setter
    Height: 5’8
    Highschool: Colegio Carme Sol
    Hometown: Puerto Rico
    Major: Phsyical Therapy
    Awards/Honors: 2011 MVP JNOR All Star JNESA, 2011 MVP JNPR All Star JNESA, 2012 MVP Junior National P.R, 2013 All Star Junior National P.R, 2014 All Star Junior National and P.R., The best player of the year in my senior year.
    Hobbies: Play volleyball, beach, gym, and shopping.
    Dreams: To graduate with good grades and go to a Division 1 NCAA school. In the future to be a physical therapist.
    Favorite Quote: To give anything less than your best, is to sacrific the gift.

  • Kelsey Taylor

    #  5 - Kelsey Taylor

    Class: FR
    Postion: Setter
    Height: 5’6
    High School: Westminster Christian
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Major:  Undecided
    Awards/Honors: 1st Team All Dade, Smoothie king invatiational All Tourney Team.
    Hobbies: Beach Volleyball, going on the boat.
    Dreams: continue to play volleyball and maybe coach after.
    Favorite: Don’t ask the lord to guide your foot steps if you are not willing to move your feet.

  • Simia Galeano

    # 6 - Silvia Galeano

    Class: SO
    Postion: Outside Hitter
    Height: 5’10
    High School: I.E Nechi
    Hometown: Nechi,Colombia
    Major: Pshchology
    Awards/Honnors: Better Grades at my high school 2010, 2nd best student in graduation 2010. Best student 2011.
    Hobbies:Fitness, eating, nutrition, reading, and poetry.
    Dreams: Being a psyhologist, play prfoessional volleyball, change my family finacnial.

  • Katie Hogan

    # 7 - Katie Hogan

    Class: SO
    Postion: Middle Blocker
    Height: 6’2
    High School: Scott City
    Hometown: Scott City, MO
    Major: AA Accounting
    Hobbies: Fitness and my dog.
    Dreams: Become an accountant for a rich person.
    Favorite Quote:

  • Cerline Hyppolite

    # 8 - Cerline Hyppolite

    Class:  FR
    Postion: Outside Hitter
    Height: 5’10
    High School: Miami Edison Senior High
    Hometown: Miami, Florida
    Major:  Excersize Science
    Awards/Honors: Honorable Mention ( Volleyball) – All four years of Highschool.3rd team all dade basketball, District champ ( track and field ),  Runner up District Champs( volleyball)
    Hobbies: Basketball, Track and Field, and Eating.
    Dreams: To become a feamale athletic trainer for the NBA.
    Favorite Quote: “ No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.”

  • Thalia Liz Torres Bernios

    # 11 - Thalia Torres

    Class: FR
    Postion: Right Side
    Height: 5’9
    High School: Coegio Carmen Sol
    Hometown:  San Juan Puerto Rico
    Major: Nursing
    Awards/ Honors: 2011: MVP Jeep Juniors Nationals, P.R, 2012: All Star Jeep Juniors Nationals P.R. 2013: MVP power league P.R.
    Hobbies: Play volleyball, beach, shopping.
    Dreams: Graduate from nursing school, and go to a Division one NCAA school.
    Favorite Quote: Do it now, Sometimes ‘later’ becomes never.

  • Eirini Chatziefstratiadou

    # 14 - Eirini Chatziefstratiadou

    Class: SO
    Postion: Middle Blocker
    Height: 6’1
    High School: Helleuic College of Thessaloniki
    Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
    Major: Physical Therapy
    Awards/Honors: Best Middle Blocker in Greece 2011,2012,2013. Best Blocker in Florida 2013-2014.
    Hobbies: Sleeing, fishing with my dad, traveling with my yacht.
    Dreams: I wanna be a professional volleyball player.
    Favorite: Pain is temporary.

  • Dominique Shim

    #  16 -  Dominique Shim

    Class: FR
    Postion: Hitter 
    Height: 5’8
    High School: South Dade Senior High
    Hometown: St. John, Antigua
    Major: Undecided
    Awards/Honors: Honorable Mention All-Dade, Mvp for high school Junior and Senior year, Rookie of the year Freshman year, 4 year varsity award.
    Hobbies: Beach Volleyball, Lifeguard, family time games.
    Dreams: To graduate college and join a career I love.
    Favorite Quote: I don’t mind living in a mans world, as long as I can be a women in it~ Marilyn Monroe

  • Yorojelys Jaspe

    # 17 - Yorojelys Jaspe

    Class: FR
    Psotion :  Outside Hitter
    Height: 5’9
    High School: Liceo Caracas U.E.T.D.
    Hometown: Venezuela ( Cojedes)
    Major: N/A
    Awards/Honors:  All Stars Volleyball Award
    Hobbies: Sleeping, Going to the beach, and shopping.
    Dreams: Graduate with a professional career and be a professional volleyball player.
    Favorite Qoute: N/A

  • Rebecca Gracia

    # 18 - Rebecca Gracia

    Class: FR
    Postion: Defensive Specialist
    Height: 5’3
    Hometown: Felix Vareal Senior High
    Major: New Jersey,
    Hobbies: Going to the beach, Watching Netflix
    Dreams: To be a professional volleyball player
    Favorite Quote: “Think with the end in mind.”