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Community Association Managers
Continuing Education

Community Association Managers are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education (1 CEU per hour) during a two year period. The period begins on October 1 of even numbered years and ends on September 30, in the next even numbered year. This period’s deadline is September 30, 2012.

The 20 hours are required to be in five categories, 4 hours per category:

Electives: additional instruction in any area, or in any course or courses directly related to the management or administration of community associations. (Legal topics fall into this category.)
Category: E

Financial: insurance and financial management topics.
Category: F

Operations: operation of the community association’s physical property.
Category: O

Human Resources: human resources topic’s relating to community association management.
Category: HR

Legal Update: A two hour legal update for each of the two years in the CEU period is required. This is based on the changes in the law that resulted from that year’s legislative session.
Category: LU

The School of Continuing Education & Professional Development offers these courses online. All the courses are approved by the state of Florida for the CEU credit.

The completed courses are reported to the state of Florida when the student completes each three course bundle of three hours.

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