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Whether for personal enrichment, business purposes, to participate in South Florida's multicultural environment, or to enhance your foreign travel experiences, we have the right foreign language class for you! With emphasis on conversational skills, you will learn functional vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar through dialogues based on everyday situations. Functional reading practices will also be included.

The 28-hour basic language courses provide a foundation in all language skills. The 42-hour intensive courses provide further enrichment through a variety of exercises and experiential activities. The conversational classes focus on verbal communication skills, with emphasis on vocabulary development, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation.

We also offer Private Tutoring packages beginning at 10 hours, and can be customized in the following languages:  Arabic, Mandarin, Creole, Farsi, French, Italian, German, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.



Learn English in 42 weeks or less! This program covers both structure and communication, focusing on speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing. You will progressively increase your ability to communicate effectively by engaging in a variety of activities that will enhance your English language proficiency.

¡Aprenda inglés en 42 semanas o menos! Este programa abarca estructura y comunicación, incluyendo lectura, escritura, gramática, comprensión auditiva, y comunicación oral. Usted logrará el dominio del inglés mediante un método progresivo de aprendizaje y participando en variadas actividades diseñadas con este propósito.

Ofrecemos clases en las siguientes áreas: Inglés Intensivo, Conversación, y Escritura.

Recomendamos que todos los estudiantes nuevos tomen el examen de nivelación antes de matricularse para las clases de Inglés. 



Thinking of travelling to a foreign destination? This crash course will enhance your vocabulary with idiomatic expressions and cultural aspects. Individual tutoring packages beginning at 10 hours can be customized in the following languages:  Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Haitian-Creole, Farsi, French, German, Greek (modern), Hebrew (modern), Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Yoruba.


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For registration and room information please call 305-237-3120.


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