Adjunct Faculty Workshops

The Adjunct Faculty Orientation is required for adjunct faculty every 3 years.  Additionally, the Adjunct Teaching Series or Teaching in College is recommended for adjuncts without prior teaching experience.  The workshops listed in the Faculty Workshops and All Employee Groups Workshops sections are open to adjuncts to attend if they are not designated for a specific audience.

All Employee Groups Workshops - Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

Faculty Workshops

Getting Started
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/Notes Offered in 2012-2
CTD0800 Adjunct Faculty: Orientation   **
CTD0800a SOE Adjunct Faculty Orientation    **
CTD0800b Adjunct Faculty Orientation: MCC   **
CTD0800c SOE Adjunct Faculty Educator Preparation Institute   **
CTD0800d SOE Early Childhood: Adjunct Orientation   **
CTD0824 Childcare Adjunct Orientation    
Teaching and Learning
CTD0300a Adjunct Strategies 8: Gordon Rule Assignments    **
CTD0300d Instructional Design Gordon Rule - Adjuncts   **
CTD0311 Getting Results 1: Creating a Community of Learners   **
CTD0312 Getting Results 2: Planning for Outcomes   **
CTD0313 Getting Results 3: Active Teaching & Learning   **
CTD0315 Getting Results 5: Teaching with Technology   Yes**
CTD0316 Getting Results 6: Assessing Teaching & Learning   Yes**
CTD0400a Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 7: S-L Introduction Overview   Yes**
CTD0400b Adjunct Strategies 10: SL Introduction & Overview for Community Health Nursing   **
CTD0404a Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 8: Reflections & Service-Learning   **
CTD0441 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning - Creating a More Positive Learning Environment   Yes**
CTD0441a Adjunct Strategies for Teaching and Learning 1A - Support and Resources   **
CTD0442 Adjunct Strategies: ANGEL & Free Tech. Tools   Yes**
CTD0443 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 2 - Selecting Teaching and Learning Strategies   Yes**
CTD0444 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching and Learning 3 - Enhancing Teaching/Learning Using Educational Technology   Yes**
CTD0444-2 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 4   **
CTD0444-3 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 1 to 3    
CTD0449b SOE The Clinical Experience Process   **
CTD0444-9 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & learning 9a: What Do I Do When...?   Yes**
CTD0450a Teaching in Higher Ed: A Strong Start   **
CTD0450b Teaching in Higher Ed: Assess Early & Often   **
CTD0450c Teaching in Higher Ed: From Here to Community   Yes**
CTD0453 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 6   **
CTD0454a Adjunct Strategies for Holistic Scoring   **
CTD0465a Adjunct Strategies for Teaching & Learning 9: Student's Challenging Behaviors   Yes**
CTD0465b MDC^3: Adjunct Faculty Engagement   **
CTD0495d SOE Educator Preparation Institute SOE Adjunct Faculty  
CTD0920d Global Literacy for 21st Century Education   Yes**
CTD0920e Globalization: Implications for Education    **
CTD0920f Global Education and Global Citizenship   Yes**
CTD0920h Teaching in a Millennial World   Yes**
Adjunct Discipline Workshops
CTD0290f APA Refresher & Online Database SOE Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0416-4 EPI: Curriculum Overview/Changes SOE Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0444-1 Adjunct Strategies for Teaching Math Math  
CTD0444-4 Adjunct Faculty Development / Business Business  
CTD0444-5 Teaching Strategies for Mathematics Instructors Math  
CTD0444-7 Adjunct Faculty: School of Nursing Orientation School of Nursing Adjunct Faculty  
CTD0444-8 Adjunct Faculty: School of Nursing    
CTD0444a Adjunct Strategies: Technology for Dev. Math 1 Math **
CTD0444b Adjunct Strategies: Technology for Dev. Math 2 Math **
CTD0444c Adjunct Strategies: MyMathLab Best          Practices Math **
CTD0444d Adjunct Strategies: Developmental Math Redesign Math **
CTD0444e Adjunct Strategies: MathZone Math **
CTD0449-2 Clinical Supervision Training: Education       School of Education Adjuncts & Administrators  
CTD0449a Clinical Supervision Training: Education SOE Faculty & Adjuncts **
CTD0467 Adjunct Teaching/Writing Reading/Writing  
CTD0467-1 QEP Overview for Adjunct Faculty Math  
CTD0469 Technology Labs for Developmental Courses  Disciplines w/ labs  
CTD0473-3 Strategies for Teaching Nursing Skills Nursing Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0473-4 ATI Academy Nursing Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0473-5 Intro: AMS & Elec. Grade Book Nursing Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0495 College Prep Department Adjunct Faculty College Prep  
CTD0797 3S Training for SLS Faculty SLS Adjunct Faculty  **
CTD0800a SOE Adjunct Workshop/Orientation SOE Adjunct Faculty  
Adjunct - Technology
CTD0177 Multimedia Classroom Orientation Demo   **
CTD0290a Integration Artifact Reflections/Curriculum SOE Adjucts **
CTD0290b E-Portfolio - LiveText School of Education Adjuncts **
CTD0290c SOE Adjunct Faculty: E-Portfolio Reviewer SOE Adjuncts **
CTD0290d E-Portfolio 101 SOE Adjuncts  **
CTD0290e Live Text Data Collection & Reporting SOE Adjuncts  **
CTD0290f APA Refresher & Online Database SOE Adjuncts  **
CTD0290g Live Text Basics for SOE Adjunct Faculty SOE Adjuncts Yes**

** Adjunct Compensation Available

 Adjunct faculty may also attended all workshops listed in the Faculty Workshop section unless otherwise noted.