Faculty Workshops

College Training and Development provides a wide array of workshops for faculty that range from developing preliminary skills in the teaching/learning process to honing the art of teaching by using technology, teaching online, classroom management and numerous discipline specific workshops.  Many of the workshops have been approved for Faculty Professional Development hours to be used in maintaining academic rank.  Certification workshops are required to teach in specific programs as noted in the Certification Workshop section.  The workshops listed in the All Employee Groups Workshops are also available and include many of the computer application skills needed by this group.

All Employee Groups Workshops - Includes computer applications and other workshops open to everyone unless noted otherwise.

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Professional Development Series for New Faculty
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0820 New Faculty Collegewide Orientation Full-Time Faculty    
CTD0821 New Faculty Campus Orientation New Full-Time Faculty    
CTD0821-1 Clinical Orientation for New Nursing Faculty      
CTD0823 New Faculty - Ongoing Orientation New Full-Time Faculty    
CTD0823a New Faculty Orientation Monthly Meeting      
CTD0460 Teaching Skills: Facilitating Student Involvement   Yes 3
CTD0461 Teaching Skills: Instructional Planning   Yes 3
CTD0462 Teaching Skills: Learning Styles   Yes  3
CTD0463 Teaching Skills: Lively Lectures   Yes 3
CTD0464 Teaching Skills: Test Construction   Yes 3
CTD0465 Teaching Skills: Student's  Challenging Behaviors   Yes 3
CTD0493 Curriculum Overview at MCC Medical Faculty    

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CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0205L Mobile Technology   Yes Pending
CTD0300 Orientation to Gordon Rule Writing Assignments     2
CTD0300b Dynamic Criteria Mapping: Assessing Writing     4
CTD0300c Instructional Design for Gordon Rule Writing   Yes  8
CTD0300-1 Facilitator Training for Holistic Scoring Faculty who teach Gordon Rule Courses   4
CTD0300-2 Writing Assessment Using Holistic Grading Gordon Rule Faculty   8
CTD0340  Information Literacy and Database Immersion     8
CTD0340a Information Literacy and Database Immersion 2     8
CTD0350 Measuring Student Outcomes      
CTD0350-1 Are You Teaching with Style      
CTD0381 Webinar: Engaging Large Classes     2
CTD0382 Webinar: Using Collaborative Teams   Yes 2
CTD0383 Webinar: Assessment as a Learning Experience     2
CTD0383a Webinar: Critical Thinking Designing Instruction     6
CTD0395f Developing & Assessing Global Learning Outcomes      
CTD0395o Implement Brain-Based Learning Strategies      
CTD0395q Online Academic Dishonesty      
CTD0395u Beyond Coverage: Backward Design for Programs   Yes 2.5
CTD0395w Assessment at Work: Increasing Student Success   Yes  
CTD0395x Quality: Our Priority as Americans Go to College   Yes  
CTD0411 Vocal Health for Teachers and Speakers      
CTD0412 Writing a Course Syllabus      
CTD0413a Taking the STRESS out of Learning!     4
CTD0421 Teaching Ethics in a Multicultural Environment      
CTD0421-1 Ethics Across the Curriculum 1     4
CTD0421a Ethics Across the Curriculum 2   Yes  4
CTD0421-5 Animal Ethics from a Biologist's Perspective     2
CTD0422 The Learner-Centered Classroom: Building Rapport     3
CTD0423 Classroom Climate Workshop: Gender Equity      
CTD0426c TESOL Methods, Curriculum and Materials Department of Education Faculty Only Yes  20
CTD0430 Small Group Instructional Feedback      
CTD0431 Success with MDC Adult Learning      
CTD0432 Teaching Essential Skills for College Success     2
CTD0433a Electronic Grade Book Overview      
CTD0434-1 An Hour with the Library      
CTD0449c Updates for Course EEC 2401 (Family Interaction & Cultural Continuity)      
CTD0451a Systems Thinking Approaches to Teaching in Higher Ed   Yes 6.5
CTD0452-1 Gathering Ideas For Teaching Success Old 0195    
CTD0454-1 Holistic Approaches to Oral Communication     1.5
CTD0454-2 Theme-based Communicative Grammar     1.5
CTD0454-3 Rubrics: Design and Implementation Faculty   3
CTD0458 Reducing Test-Taking Anxiety All    
CTD0459 Technology and Teaching Writing     3
CTD0470 Classroom Strategies to Improve Course  Completion and Manage Test Anxiety     4
CTD0470a Applications of Problem-based Learning     8
CTD0472b Integrating Technology to the EAP Classroom & Virtual Learning     7
CTD0472d MDTESOL-Bilingual Assoc. FL Symposium Seminar     5
CTD0473-8 Legal Mandates for English Language Learners Full Time & Part Time    
CTD0474 College Prep Test Prep - Train the Trainer Academic and Community Ed Liaisons, Chairs    
CTD0475 Ethical Theory Applied Part 1      
CTD0475a Ethical Theory and Everyday Moral Issues     4
CTD0476 Learning Styles in the Classroom      
CTD0480 Master Teacher Seminar     18
CTD0481-2 Teaching Students Workplace Ethics      
CTD0482 Exploring Diversity      
CTD0482-1 Dealing With Cultural Diversity in the Classroom      
CTD0489 Humane Education: Compassion Across the Curriculum     6
CTD0490 Instructional Skills Workshop     30
CTD0491 Multiple Intelligences: Introduction      
CTD0492 Multiple Intelligences in Instruction and Assessment      
CTD0495 15 Survival Strategies for College  Instructors      
CTD0495 Designing Assessment for Learning Outcomes     2
CTD0495 Escher in the Classroom     2
CTD0495 Language, Culture, and the Educator      
CTD0495a Project CRISS Training I   Yes 14
CTD0495b OWL Training     2
CTD0495h NanoDays     6
CTD0495i Assessment of Student Writing English Faculty    
CTD0495k A Brain-Compatible Classroom     4
CTD0495l Learning Communities: Lead Students to Success!      
CTD0495p The Study of Evolution in PSC 1515      
CTD0495q Magellan GPS Receiver Training     6
CTD0495s Interdisciplinary Teaching Through the AGES     3
CTD0495t Kendall Faculty Showcase      
CTD0496a EDG 5325: Analysis of Teaching MDC Required Graduate Course    
CTD0499-1 History of Greater Miami      
CTD0551a Learning Outcomes Initiative Planning Retreat      
CTD0553 Portfolios: Alternative Assessment at Its Best     2
CTD0554 Rethinking Assessment      
CTD0555 Developing Course Competencies     3
CTD0557 Learning Outcomes Assessment Process      
CTD0557a Peer Coaching: Writing Learning Outcomes      
CTD0557b Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Planning: Peer Facilitator Development Series     9
CTD0558 MDC Learning Outcomes & Authentic Assessment By invitation   8
CTD0558a Assessing Targeted Student Learning Outcomes 1     6
CTD0558b Assessing Targeted Student Learning Outcomes 2     9
CTD0595c Sharing Assessment Results      
CTD0595d Designing Program Outcomes/Assessment      
CTD0595h Dialog on Assessment of Student Learning      
CTD0558e Developing Authentic Assessment     6
CTD0558f Authentically Assessing Information Literacy through Library and Discipline Faculty Collaborations     4
CTD0558g Learning Outcomes Assessment Team - CSLOA Results Review and Planning Faculty and Administrators    
CTD0753 Database Resources of Miami Dade College Faculty Involved in the Learning Outcomes Process   2
CTD0767 A Framework for Understanding Poverty     7
CTD0795 Authentic Assessment Facilitator Training By invitation    
CTD0795n Facilitation and Leadership Training By Invitation   7
CTD0920 Students in Distress: Crises in the Classroom     7.5
CTD0920a Globalization: Economic and Ethnographic Perspectives     6
CTD0920b Global Education Seminar     18
CTD0920c Neuropsychological Research and Education     6
CTD0920d Global Literacy for 21st Century Education Adjunct Faculty    
CTD0920e Globalization: Implications for Education      
CTD0920f Global Education and Global Citizenship      
CTD0920g Social Media: Considering the Controversy     5.5
CTD0920i Enhancing Curriculum Via Global Perspectives   Yes 6
CTD0921 Neuropsychological Research and Education     8
CTD0921a Depth of Knowledge & 21st. Century Educators   Yes 8
CTD0921b The Bilingual Brain   Yes 8
CTD0921C How the Brain Learns   Yes 8
CTD0921d Brain-Based Strategies for EL Learners     8
CTD0921e Biography Driven Culturally Responsive Teaching     8
CTD0930 Provost's Symposium for Faculty     1.5
CTD0930 Provost's Symposium (Copyright Issues and Higher Education)     1.5
CTD0931 Spotlight On Research     2
CTD0931a SoTL: "Spring Break-Cooperative Learning"     26
CTDUFMDC-c Strengthening Connections Between PK-12 & HE     3
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CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0176 Multimedia Classroom Orientation      
CTD0177 Multimedia Classroom Orientation Demo      
CTD0192 Classroom Performance System Faculty    
CTD0198 Design Your Own Spring Break Seminar Faculty    
CTD0200a New Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning      
CTD0202 Faculty Web Pages: Create and Manage Your Own Faculty Yes  2
CTD0203 Create Web-Based Interactive Lessons   Yes  9
CTD0203a SoftChalk Version 7 Introduction      
CTD0204 Faculty Web Pages: Adding Resources Faculty    
CTD0205a Exploring Free Resources      
CTD0205d Screen Capture Learning Objects   Yes 3
CTD0205e Online Collaborative Tools   Yes  3
CTD0205f Text to Animated Movies!!   Yes  3
CTD0205h Collaborate Online with VoiceThread      
CTD0205i MyMDC Google Sites: Web Design Made Easy!      
CTD0205j Twitter in the Classroom and Beyond   Yes 3
CTD0205K Tumblr Multimedia Microblogging   Yes 4.5
CTD0207 NBC Learn: 80 Years of Broadcast History   Yes 3
CTD0216 Quandary: Creating Action Mazes Faculty    
CTD0218a Teaching Connections: Reach Out; Teach Someone      
CTD0218b Teaching Connections: Using the iPad      
CTD0218c Teaching Connections: Creating ePubs with iWorks      
CTD0218d Teaching Connection - Tools to Empower Teaching      
CTD0230 Webinars      
CTD0230a ANGEL End-of-Semester Suggestions Webinar    
CTD0230b Final Grades in Excel Webinar    
CTD0230f Finding Free Resources: Videos      
CTD0230g Finding Free Resources: Images and Photos      
CTD0230h Finding Free Resources: Audio and Music      
CTD0230i Finding Free Resources: Web 2.0 - MeeHive +      
CTD0230j Finding Free Resources: Podcasts      
CTD0230k Finding Free Resources: Google Docs and Sites      
CTD0230m Finding Free Resources: Classroom Game Templates   Yes   
CTD0250a Stunning Movies with FREE Photo Story!       
CTD0260a Second Life Basics-Walking, Talking and Beyond      
CTD0260b Second Life: Teaching Tools and Field Trips      
CTD0270a 2 for 1: Capture and Podcast Your Lectures   Yes  9
CTD0270b Lecture Capture: Editing and Output Options   Yes   
CTD0270d Panopto Classroom Orientation      
CTD0270e Panopto Quick and Easy      
CTD0291 Quality Matters: Applying the QM Rubric      
CTD0291a Applying the Quality Matters Rubric     6.5
CTD0320 Angel: Introduction Instructor Training Faculty Yes  15
CTD0321a ANGEL 7.4: What's New       
CTD0321b ANGEL 7.4 What's New: Assessment and Rubrics      
CTD0322 Angel Demonstrations      
CTD0322a ANGEL 7.4 Conversion      
CTD0323 Plagiarism Prevention: Using Turnitin in ANGEL Faculty Yes  3
CTD0324 ANGEL: Gradebook and Reports Faculty Yes  2
CTD0324a ANGEL: Creating and Using a Manual Gradebook Facuty    
CTD0325 ANGEL: Agents, Tokens, Environmental Variables Faculty   3
CTD0326 ANGEL: Assessments and Question Bank Faculty Yes  5
CTD0332 ANGEL: Top Tips for Managing Your Course      
CTD0332a ANGEL: Top Tips for Designing Your Course      
CTD0333 Strategies for Developing Blended Courses   Yes   8
CTD0361 Podcasts: Exploring Educational Uses Faculty    
CTD0362 Podcasting Simulcast Faculty    
CTD0327 Overview of Online Teaching Virtual College   12
CTD0328 Revise an Online Course Virtual College   18
CTD0329 Development an Online Course Virtual College   30
CTD0363 Create YouTube Channel for Class Videos   Yes  
CTD0395j Learning Management System: Vendor Demos      
CTD0421-8 Turning Point Response Systems      
CTD0499 Classroom Media Equipment      
CTDUFMDC-a Academic Freedom in the Digital Age     3
Certification Programs   Return to top
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0330 Virtual College Certification     8
CTD0416 Honors College Faculty Certification    Yes 8
CTD0416-2 School of Nursing BSN Certification     6
CTD0417 Cooperative Learning Foundations     32
CTD0418 Cooperative Learning: Advanced Concepts      32
CTD0419a Applied Baccalaureate Teaching Methods   Yes 14
CTD0419b Baccalaureate Degree Development      
CTD0449 Certification Process for Faculty Teaching in the Bachelor of Science     17
CTD0449-1 Certification: Bachelor of Science Degree Program     17
CTD0533 Faculty-Mentor Training Program      
CTD0652b Endowed Chair Information Session: Faculty   Yes    
CTD0652d Faculty Advancement I: Continuing Contract and Promotions      
CTD0761 Food Safety and Sanitation Training and Certification      
CTD0768 Responsible Conduct of Research     2
Service Learning   Return to top
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0400 Service Learning: Introduction/Overview   Yes   1.5
CTD0401 Service Learning: Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum     2
CTD0401a S-L: Designing Programs for Civic Learning Outcomes     3.5
CTD0401b S-L: Civic Engagement: Best Practices      
CTD0401c Civic Responsibility in Higher Education      
CTD0402 Service Learning: Integrating into the Curriculum     2
CTD0402-1 SL: Curricular Programs & Learning Outcomes     3
CTD0403 Service Learning: Skills Training      
CTD0404 Service Learning: Reflection     1.5
CTD0405 Service Learning: Assessment     1.25
CTD0405a Assessment of Service Learning Courses      
CTD0406 Service Learning: Advanced Issues     3
CTD0406-2 Best Practices of Service Learning Syllabus Development     3
CTD0406-3 Service Learning: Tools for Implementation     1.25
CTD0406-4 Service Learning: Connections Between Personal Values, Beliefs and Identity     3
CTD0406-5 Service Learning: Forming Community Partnerships     2.5
CTD0406-6 Involving Students with Disabilities in Service Learning     1.5
CTD0406-7  Service Learning: Research, Learning & Community Change Old CTD0495   3
CTD0495d STEM Service-Learning     8.5
CTD0495e Modeling Service-Learning Reflection On-Site     4
CTD0448  Integrating High Quality Service-Learning into the Curriculum     3
Earth Literacy
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0425 Earth Literacy Across the Curriculum      
CTD0425a Library Resources for Teaching Sustainability   Yes 3
CTD0440 Integrated and Regenerated Design     6
CTD0440a Language Diversity and Biodiversity     4
CTD0483 Green Studies: Foundations     3
CTD0484 Green Studies 1     8
CTD0485 Green Studies  Immersion: Virginia Key     4
CTD0486 Green Studies Immersion:  Biscayne National Park     4
CTD0487 Green Studies Immersion: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary     8
CTD0487a Awakening the Dreamer Symposium     7
CTD0487b Deering Estate at Cutler     6
CTD0488 Green Studies Immersion:  Everglades National Park     8
CTD0488-1 Green Studies: Covanta Energy Resource Recovery Center (Old Montenay Resource Recovery Center)     2
CTD0488-2 Green Studies Immersion: Oleta River State Park     4
CTD0488-5 Green Studies Culture & Cosmology     3
CTD0488-6 Green Studies Immersion: Historic Virginia Key     3
CTD0488-7 Green Studies Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve     3
CTD0488-8 Symposium for Environmental Sustainability     5.5
CTD0488-9 Earth Charter Reflections     3.5
CTD0488a Precautionary Principle: Walking the Green Line     8
CTD0488b Symposium for Environmental Sustainability III     6
CTD0488c Green Studies Immersion: Cape Florida State Park     6
CTD0488d Fostering Behavior Change for Sustainability     3
CTD0488e Education, the Environment, and Sustainable Futures MDC Required Graduate Course    
CTD0488f Green Studies Immersion: Mangrove Ecology   Yes   6
CTD0488g Climate Change, Energy, Engagement Solutions      
CTD0488h Intl Dev Education-Policy Issues & Problems   Yes  
CTD0488i Global Sustainability & Earth Literacy   Yes Pending
CTD0489-4 Children's Health and the Environment      
CTD0489-5 Poison Control      
CTD0495 Earth, Action, Spirit     18
CTD0495 Reconnecting to Earth: Overcoming Obstacles to Action     6.5
CTD0495 Simple Solar Solutions     3.5
CTD0495 The Impact of Food on the Environment     5
CTD0495j Symposium for Environmental Sustainability: 2     3.5
CTD0497 Toward a Water Ethic for Florida & the US     5
Discipline-specific Programs    Return to top
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0195a Math Retreat, Math Success is College Success Math Faculty Yes  7.5
CTD0409 Medical Errors Medical    
CTD0410 Health Care Faculty Training: Introduction Medical    
CTD0410a Understanding Retinoblastoma Nursing Faculty    
CTD0410-1 Health Care Provider Roles: Disasters Medical    
CTD0414 Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Medical    
CTD0414-1 Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers: A Refresher Course Medical    
CTD0414a Basic Life Support Health Care Providers: CPR      
CTD0415  Active Learning in the Science Classroom Science   16
CTD0416-3 Nursing Curriculum Review Medical    
CTD0420 Bioethics: Impact for Health Care Professionals Medical    
CTD0420a Health Care Reform Implementation & Impact      
CTD0420b Gender & Orientation Topics   Yes  
CTD0421-6 Ethical Issues: Using Genetics in Medicine Science Faculty    
CTD0421-7 Astronomy: Images from Hubble Space Telescope      
CTD0421-9 ChemDraw Ultra     6
CTD0424 STEM Scholarly Teaching Seminar      4
CTD0424a STEM Teaching Seminar: Using the iPad     4
CTD0424b STEM Teaching Seminar: Introduction to Peer-led Team Learning (Webinar)     4
CTD0424c STEM Scholarly Teaching Seminar - Student Engagement and Learning Styles Math and Science   4
CTD0424d Excellence STEM NSF Grants   Yes 4
CTD0426  ESOL/VESOL: Teaching and Management Strategies ESL    
CTD0426-1 ESL Pronunciation In and Beyond the Pronunciation Classroom ESL   2
CTD0426-2 Teaching Strategies for Foreign Language Instructors ESL/Foreign Lang    
CTD0426-3 Strategies for Success in ESL Classes ESL   3
CTD0426a Content-Based, Corpus-Informed E.A.P. EAP Faculty   12
CTD0426b Developmental Education Course Redesign     4
CTD0427 Ellis Training for ESL/Foreign Language Faculty ESL    
CTD0427a Assessment & Evaluation of ELLs School of Education Faculty Yes 20
CTD0433 Using Electronic Grade Book Effectively Medical    
CTD0435 Clinical Teaching and Evaluation Strategies Medical    
CTD0435-1 NSG: Critical Thinking and Care Planning Medical    
CTD0435-2 Curriculum Development & Critical Thinking      
CTD0436 Computer Adaptive Technology Medical    
CTD0445 Curriculum Integration: End of Life Care Medical    
CTD0446 Second Language Learning and Culture Education Faculty   20
CTD0446a Grammar Teaching ESL/Foreign Language Faculty    
CTD0447 Integrating High Quality Service-Learning into Teacher Education Education    
CTD0449a Clinical Supervision Training: Education SOE Faculty & Adjuncts    
CTD0449-1 Clinical Supervision for Educators Education    
CTD0550a EAP Discipline Retreat EAP Faculty   8
CTD0451 Using the Self-Directed Search Social Science    
CTD0453-1 Techniques to Energize Your Grammar Classroom     2
CTD0454 ESL Writing Holistic Scoring  ESL    
CTD0455 Essentials for the Reading Learning Center  Reading    
CTD0455-1 On the Road to Reading Proficiency ESL   2
CTD0455-2 Teaching Reading: Much More than Words ESL    
CTD0457-1 Using Technology in an ESL Accent Reduction Course ESL    
CTD0471-3 MDC Annual Math Faculty Retreat Math Faculty   8
CTD0472a Seamless Transitions: EAP/CP/& ENC Bridge     6
CTD0472b Integrating Technology to the EAP Classroom & Virtual Learning  EAP Faculty   7
CTD0472c Oral Comm. Activities to Improve Pronunciation EAP Faculty   7
CTD0472d MDTESOL-Bilingual Assoc. FL Symposium Seminar EAP Faculty   5
CTD0472e Teaching Grammar Via Content-Based Instruction EAP Faculty Yes 7
CTD0472f Dynamic Assessment EAP Faculty Yes 7
CTD0472g Using Technology for Content-Based Instruction EAP Faculty Yes 7
CTD0472-1 Transitions: A Bridge Between EAP, CP and 1101 Eng, EAP and College Prep    
CTD0473 Remediation with Computer Technologies Medical    
CTD0473a NOELLE Simulator      
CTD0473b Florence Nightingale & Global Health School of Nursing Faculty & Staff    
CTD0473c Simulators for Cardiovascular Physiology Anatomy & Physiology Lab Faculty/Staff   6
CTD0473d Becoming a Certified Nurse Educator Full-time Nursing Faculty   9
CTD0473-1 METI: Nursing Curriculum Integration Using Simulated Clinical Experiences Medical    
CTD0473-2 Intro to Health Care Faculty Review Session Medical    
CTD0473-6 Nursing Curriculum Integration - HPS Medical    
CTD0473-7 Health Influences: Environment / Nutrition Faculty    
CTD0478 Integrating "A Good Read" into Composition and Literature Courses English/Comm    
CTD0478a Strategic Teachers, Teaching Strategic Writers     3
CTD0478b Change the Landscape of the Writing Classroom     3
CTD0478c Transition to Teaching Online     3
CTD0478d What Does Speaking Have that writing Needs     3
CTD0495 Strategies for Critical Thinking in the ESL Classroom ESL    
CTD0496 Preparing Your Students for Their Licensing Exam Medical    
CTD0498 Curriculum Issues: Bio/Chem Terrorism Medical    
CTD0498-1 Climate Change: Infectious Diseases in S. Fl. Medical    
CTD0499-2 Strategies for Interacting with Lab Students College Prep    
CTD0552 Assessing Learning in ENG, EAP and Humanities Eng, EAP, Humanties    
CTD0595e School of Business Program Outcomes/Assessment      
CTD0717 OSHA for Faculty Medical    
CTD0718-1 OSHA & HIV/AIDS Medical    
CTD0744a Advisement: Speech Faculty      
CTD0744b Advisement: English Faculty      
CTD0744f Speech Discipline Program Retreat     8
CTD0751e Child Care Licensing Standards      
CTD0755 Preventing Needle Injuries Medical    
CTD0795o Academic Leadership      
CTD0797 3S Training for SLS Faculty      
CTD0821a New Faculty Orientation: Nursing      
CTD0912c 2013 Psychology Faculty Retreat   Yes 7
CTD0913b School of Science Faculty Retreat    
CTD0995f English Discipline Retreat 2012 English Faculty   9
CTD0995g SLS Faculty Retreat SLS Faculty    
CTD0995j SLS Discipline Dialogue SLS Faculty    
Student Support      Return to top
CTD Number Workshop Name Special Audience/ Notes Offered
CTD0407  Students with Disabilities in the  Classroom      
CTD0408 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities      
CTD0428 MBTI: Introduction      
CTD0429 MBTI: Advanced Teaching Strategies      
CTD0456 Coping with Misconduct in the College Classroom       
CTD0473 Remediation with Computer Technologies Nursing    
CTD0474a College Prep Test Prep Instructor Training      
CTD0474b Math Test Prep: Instructor Training      
CTD0474c Math Test Prep: Instructor Refresher      
CTD0494 Grade Appeal: What Faculty Need to Know      
CTD0499-3 21st Century Workforce Communication Skills     1.5
CTD0499-6 Motivating Students from Day One to Graduation      
CTD0551 General Education and Student Services      
CTD0595g Holistic Scoring Training      
CTD0739-2 Advisement - Odyssey - How to Part 2      
CTD0739-4 Academic Progress Alert Program      
CTD0741 Managing The Development Advising Process 2      
CTD0741-1 Developmental Advisement Part 3: SOAP      
CTD0741-2 Advising Students on SOAP   Yes   
CTD0744 Advising International Students      
CTD0744-1 Advising New Students      
CTD0744-2 ESL & Foreign Languages Advisement      
CTD0744-4 Advising Continuing Students Faculty & Staff Yes    
CTD0744-7 Faculty Advisement Workshop - Part I       
CTD0744-8 Faculty Advisement Workshop - Part 2       
CTD0744-9 New Faculty Advisement      
CTD0744-10 Advisement: Faculty Refresher      
CTD0760 Faculty Role in Student Retention      
CTDUFMDC-b Building Coalitions with Students     3