Workshop: Podcast Passport Series

Course ID - CTD0360   

Short Title: Podcast Passport

Audience:       Faculty
Length of Workshop:       12 hours  (including 2 online)

Workshop Description:   The Podcast Passport series will consist of online workshop material, face-to-face getting started sessions and other demonstration sessions featuring different tools and techniques.   Participants will need to attend all 4 face-to-face sessions and complete online assignments.  Upon completion of the series, faculty will be able to request class space on MDC iTunes-U   

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

This workshop will repeated each semester on different campuses.

Finding Using Educational Podcasts  This 2-hour hands-on session will provide an overview of Podcasting and the technologies/equipment used.   Participants will explore educational podcasts and share ideas for instructional use.     Participants will also learn how to access podcasts from a computer and on an iPOD.   

Creating Audio Podcasts   - hands on  - 2 hour
This 2-hour hands-on workshop will focus on creating short audio podcasts for classroom use.   Participants will be able to storyboard and create a short audio podcast using Audacity.       

Enhanced Podcasts  Techniques - Demonstrations  - 2 hour each  This will be a series featuring different tools presented by faculty using these tools in the classroom.  A variety of software and platforms will be used.    The first two will be PowerPoint/Camtasia (WIndows)  and the second will be Profcast/GarageBand (MAC)      Demonstrations will be followed by  Q&A and discussions in an ANGEL course which also contain resources for each of the tools.   CT&D will have a Windows and MAC development station set up with featured software at each CT&D lab and will provide technical assistance.

Publishing Podcasts to MDC iTunes-U   Online step-by-step instructions and animated tutorial will guide participants through the publishing process for MDC iTunes-U

Copyright and Teach Act  - Online tutorials  (This session can be completed anytime during the workshop period.)


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify instructional resources and uses for Podcast
  • Discuss best practices for the use of audio and video podcasts
  • Create an audio podcast using Audacity
  • Describe how to use capture software and PowerPoint to create video podcasts
  • Describe how to use Profcast to create enhanced podcasts 
  • Describe how to use Garageband to create an enhanced podcast.
  • List procedures for uploading content to MDC Itunes
  • Describe how Fair Use and the Teach Act impact the use of educational podcasts

 Delivery formats:
- Face-to-Face - All sessions meet in a lab or classroom
Blended -  At least 50 percent of the workshop time will be spent online
Online - No class meetings; all work is done online.


Reference #

Delivery Format

Days/Time and Online Requirements if Applicable



(Hybrid) 10 hours face-to-face from 2 - 4pm, and 2 hours online.
If you have any questions on this workshop, please contact Hanadi Saleh at


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Course ID: -   CTD0360
Course Title: Podcast Series
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