Workshop: Designing Programs for Civic Learning Outcomes

Course ID - CTD0401a           

Short Title: Civic Learning

 Audience     Faculty
Length of Workshop:        3.5 hours (3 hours F2F and 0.5 Post Workshop
Prerequisite     none

How does higher education respond to the imperative to prepare the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy?  How can service-learning be used as a part of this call for action?  What can colleges and universities do in course design and instructional strategies to foster greater understanding of the role of citizens, as well as develop civic skills?  Participants in this workshop will learn about the latest research and innovation in the curriculum and pedagogy of civic learning.  Participants will be introduced to conceptual frameworks on civic education, as well as the latest classroom and institutional instruments to assess student learning outcomes. Some instruments include a Civic and Career Preparation instrument being developed by a FIPSE grant in conjunction with George Mehaffy’s VSA (Volunteer Service America) work.  Another is a NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) instrument he created in 2004, which is still in use.  Further, IUPUI has a Civic Minded Graduate instrument they are piloting this semester. They will also examine innovative curriculum designs and programs that have been demonstrated to produce higher levels of student learning outcomes. This interactive hands-on workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to consider new approaches in their own classrooms to the task of preparing the next generation of citizens.   Participants will have an opportunity to work with others to consider new approaches that are tailored to the unique circumstances of Miami Dade students.   In order to receive professional development credit, participants will be required to submit to their campus CCI Director or Faculty Coordinator, a course syllabus and/or assignment that includes a civic learning component (e.g., service-learning, or an assignment related to Outcome #6 – “strategies to fulfill personal, civic and social responsibilities”).


* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate a rationale for incorporating a civic dimension into any discipline in order to foster greater student civic leaning outcomes for all students
  • Identify the most current approaches to civic engagement, both on campus and in the community
  • Describe assessment strategies and instruments that can be used to assess student civic learning outcomes in classrooms, in programs and across an institution
  • Utilize an instructional design process to create civic learning outcomes by integrating civic teaching strategies and mapping curricular activities to learning objectives and MDC’s Learning Outcomes
  • Develop specific strategies and approaches for their own individual classrooms, based on the presentations and group interactions
  • Consider ways to link the efforts of individual professors and classrooms to achieve higher levels of student civic learning outcomes across the institution
  • Design a portion of the course curriculum that includes tangible strategies to connect service-learning with strengthening democracy



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Course ID: CTD0401a  
Course Title: S-L Civic Learning 
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