Workshop: Applied Baccalaureate Teaching Methods          

Course ID - CTD0419a

Short Title: BAS Teaching Methods   

 Audience   Faculty
Length of Workshop:      14  hours (8 workshop hours and 6 post workshop

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

This workshop is designed to provide faculty with the expertise needed to embed applied learning techniques into the teaching and learning process of applied baccalaureate degree programs. The workshop content will enhance faculty skills in the delivery of applied teaching methods as they engage students in upper-division, applied course work. The curriculum is an interactive blend of training methods which includes active, hands-on participation in a face-to-face workshop seminar. All workshop participants will be surveyed after teaching an upper-division applied course (BAS) to gain feedback on how well the workshop prepared them to teach in the program and to provide information for revisions for future workshop offerings.

for successful completion of this workshop, participants will complete and be evaluated on the following product assignments: 1) formulate a problem-based assessment activity which addresses an authentic need and for which students are required to generate a solution; 2) Design an applied learning lesson plan in which different learning styles are addressed online; 3) Design a lesson plan in which students experience managing resources through individual and team-based activities online; 4) Develop an upper-division course syllabus that reflects the principles of applied learning. the syllabi produced will be submitted to the workshop facilitator no later than 1 week after the last face-to-face session.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate how applied teaching and learning is different than non-applied, abstract learning 
  • Incorporate experiential, practical, hands-on teaching methods into class activities while addressing the different learning styles of students
  • Utilize applied teaching methods in course instruction including: practicum, internships, service learning, field experiences, etc
  • Incorporate multi-disciplinary teaching to meet course goals and objectives
  • Identify guest speakers and practitioners to complement instructor expertise to meet course goals and objectives
  • Discuss case study methodology to involve students in crafting solutions requiring higher-order thinking
  • Describe multiple ways for students to demonstrate knowledge and skills in an applied learning setting
  • Design assessment activities based on students' abilities to problem solve
  • Describe and develop activities in which students experience management of resources and time through individual and team-based activities
  • Identify new partnerships and networks that can assist students in the applied learning experience 


Dates of Workshop

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771099 Blended

Workshop will meet F2F on Friday
4/19/13 and 4/26/13 from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm; remaining work conducted online.
Course closes 05/10/13

Last Day to Register  04/18/13

 North/1256-39 Maria Mari


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Course ID: CTD0419a 
Course Title: BAS Teaching Methods 
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