Workshop:  The Learner-Centered Classroom: Building Rapport and Community

Course ID - CTD0422

Short Title:  Learner Centered

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Audience:   Faculty
Length of Workshop:    3 hrs
Prerequisite None

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

Faculty members commonly wish that students could come to class not only having done the reading, but with something to say about it. They also wish that more students would talk in class or use class time more productively to dig into material as well as develop their own interrogative stance toward material or look at a document or issue or event critically on their own. And perhaps most commonly, faculty want their students to develop an ability to see and express complexity in the language of that discipline in such a way that it is transferable from one problem to the next. This workshop is intended to assist faculty achieve this aim in the classroom, by giving tips and ideas to build rapport and community between faculty and the students.



 As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define a Learner centered classroom
  • Discuss techniques to build rapport between students
  • Discuss techniques to build a community between students
  • Discuss techniques that will create a class structure in which students experience and utilize their autonomy, exercise personal responsibility for choices and decisions, and control their own learning
  • Explain the need for promoting, reinforcing, and sustaining of classroom connectedness, shared meanings, and mutual purposes.
  • List new techniques that will make the classroom a memorable experience that will stick in the heads, hearts, and souls of students long after they leave the classroom and increase classroom retention



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Course ID: - CTD0422
Course Title: Learner Centered
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