Assessing Targeted Student Learning Outcomes 1

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Short Title: Assessing LOs 1

 Audience   Faculty   
Length of Workshop:      6 hours 

* Approved for Faculty Professional Development hours.


This workshop, the first in a series of two, is a continuation of the Collegewide conversation on continually improving MDC graduates’ attainment of The Learning Outcomes (TLO). This workshop is designed for faculty and student services representatives interested in TLO assessment and in becoming more active in the Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes initiatives. The results of the 2007-2008 CSLOA performance and other indirect measures of student attainment have been discussed at individual Campus Dialogues, and the Curriculum Maps for General Education and Service courses are completed. 

In this workshop, participants will receive an overview of the most recent MDC CSLOA results and an update on the progress of the Curriculum Mapping Project. From the CSLOA results, the updated Curriculum Maps, and the Dialogues, four outcomes have been identified as needing focused attention in order to strengthen MDC student performance: #2 Quantitative Analysis, #5 Global, Cultural and Historical Perspectives, #7 Ethical Thinking, and #9 Aesthetic Appreciation.  Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a tutorial:  Workshop:  Creating an Authentic Task.  The workshop is provided on Dr. Jonathan Mueller's Assessment Tools website:  (  The participants will then locate, download and review the Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) rubrics for the four targeted outcomes to be covered in the workshop. 

Prior to the workshop and using the suggestions from the online tutorial and the LOA rubrics, each participant will prepare an authentic assessment task linked to the implementation of one of the four targeted outcomes as a learning activity in his/her course or service area.  The participant will prepare the task in electronic and hard copy and will submit the hard copy version at the beginning of the workshop.   During the workshop, in roundtable discussions facilitated by Learning Outcomes Assessment Team and Coordinating Council members, participants will share and discuss their authentic assessments and how they can use them to improve students’ attainment of the targeted learning outcomes.  These class-level and service-level assessments will be shared and strengthened during the workshop.  By the conclusion of this workshop, each participant will have developed an authentic assessment for a learning activity linked to one of the targeted outcomes.  Participants also will have received the tools and gained the knowledge and skills to provide more intentional learning experiences related to authentic outcomes assessment in general as well as to the four targeted learning outcomes.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete an online tutorial and prepare an authentic assessment task. 

* Approved for Faculty Professional Development hours.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Identify gaps in students' TLO learning and attainment
  •  Identify the four learning outcomes based on the recent CSLOA that need additional emphasis to strengthen
     student performance
  •  Describe ways to improve students' attainment of the learning outcomes using performance-based
  •  Effectively use grading criteria to develop intentional student learning experiences
  •  Explain the assessment criteria of selected learning outcomes
  •  Explain the principles of creating an authentic task
  •  Develop an authentic assessment for one of the four targeted TLOs to be implemented in a current or upcoming course or
     service area activity



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