Workshop: MDC Policies & Procedures for Supervisors

Course ID - CTD0603a                

Short Title: Policies & Procedures 

 Audience     Supervisors
Length of Workshop:        26 hours 

This blended/online and in-class training program will focus upon the supervisor's role as it relates to a core of essential MDC policies and procedures. Topics include: the nature and responsibilities of supervision; the hiring process (recruitment and interviewing); orientation and training; sexual harassment awareness and prevention; supervising a diverse workforce; and performance management (counseling, documenting, progressive discipline, and performance review).

Module 1 (Face-to-Face): Expectations of Supervisors and Tour of CTD0603 ANGEL Course.

Module 2 (Online): The Hiring Roadmap and Complete CTD0380 Preventing Harassment on Campus (Online)

Module 3 (Face-to-Face): Performance Management: Coaching & Documenting

Module 4 (Online): Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews

Module 5 (Online): Forms & Documentation

Module 6 (Face-to-Face): Emotional Intelligence: The Human Relations Skills of Supervision

Final Assignment (Online): Workshop Summary Activity 

Post-Workshop: Follow-Up Evaluation

Course Requirements

In order to receive workshop credit and Certificate of Completion, participants are required to attend all three in-class sessions scheduled during this course and complete all online material required between face-to-face modules. Materials, quizzes and discussions can be found in the ANGEL system. At the conclusion of the program, participants are required to complete a follow-up evaluation to assess the long-range effectiveness of this program.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Explain the overall mission and philosophy of Miami Dade College as it relates to the role of the supervisor specifically with
     regard to ethical conduct and a productive and respectful working environment
  •  Demonstrate working knowledge of ANGEL basic procedures programs
  •  Explain the tools and support mechanisms provided to supervisors by Human Resources
  •  Demonstrate the supervisor's role in the hiring process including Hiring Guidelines and On-boarding
  •  Demonstrate the supervisor's role in performance management including how to conduct a performance appraisal and appropriate
     coaching and counseling process
  •  Identify Miami Dade forms and documents that relate to policies involving employee supervision, benefits, compensation,
     workplace safety, and others
  •  Explain how emotional intelligence plays a key role in successful supervision
  •  Demonstrate knowledge of CTD Workshops and training that enhance supervisory and leadership skills


Dates of Workshop

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 01/30/13, 02/13/13,

Last day to register 01/29/13
Blended  We will have three Face-to-Face sessions (Wednesday, January 30th, February 13th and March 13th from 8:00 - 12:00pm. Four Online modules, final assignment (online) and follow up evaluations. North/1216 Fern Canter
Greg Sharp


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Course ID: CTD0603a
Course Title: Policies & Procedures    
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