Workshop: English Discipline Retreat 2012

Course ID - CTD0995f  

Short Title: English Retreat 2012    

 Audience    Faculty (Discipline Specific)
Length of Workshop:       9 hours ( 6 F2F, 2 Pre-Workshop & 1 Post-Workshop)

* Approved CT&D Workshop for Faculty Professional Development hours.

Because many of our faculty's concerns emphasize the needs/problems of the unprepared students, the English Discipline faculty will use this opportunity to address critical needs in ENC 1101. This retreat-style workshop will address a variety of ways to overcome obstacles faced by writing teachers in 2012 so as to enhance the teaching-learning relationship and move towards retaining students and helping them complete the course successfully. As a result of the workshop, the discipline faculty will prepare a statement which defines requisite skills for students entering and successfully completing ENC 1101. We need to examine changes affecting our teaching, arising from a new entrance exam (PERT instead of CPT), changes in College Prep, and transitions from EAP sequencing.
A discipline retreat organized like a mini-conference, with presentations by Dr. Peggy O'Neill, a nationally-recognized expert on writing assessment. The faculty must define college-level writing, which will begin with a discussion of what faculty value in writing and expect of their students. Dr. O'Neill will facilitate the discussion, leading us in an examination of sample ENC 1101 papers. First, we will look at diagnostic essays, analyzing college readiness in terms of rhetorical and 21st century skills as well as habits of mind and experiences (FRAMEWORK FOR SUCCESS IN POSTSECONDARY WRITING). Faculty will then move on to identify common knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students should acquire throughout the course and take with them upon completing ENC 1101 (WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition and Standards for a C). This will be clarified as Dr. O'Neill leads us through student responses to final assignments in ENC 1101 at MDC and papers which demonstrate college-level writing drawn from other institutions.
Plan of Evaluation
Prior to the retreat, Dr. Ser will meet with faculty at each of the major campuses (Homestead faculty will be invited to meet at Kendall, Hialeah at North), leading a brief discussion and assigning readings to prepare for Dr. O'Neill's visit (including the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing and publications from the WPA and NCTE). Faculty will make notes in which they react to these documents, and copies of these notes will be submitted to Dr. Ser. After the workshop, faculty will will note other obstacles to student success in ENC 1101, and then prepare brief papers (1-2 pages) exploring the ways in which those obstacles can be overcome.


As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the level of writing, reading, and thinking skills students are expected to have upon entering ENC 1101 
  •  Define the writing, reading, and thinking skills students are expected to develop throughout ENC 1101 to complete the course
  • Analyze how we can communicate more effectively with each other, adjuncts, college prep and EAP faculty, and secondary school teachers of English
  • Acknowledge that the discipline-specific concerns we are dealing with are concerns at the national level, as well


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Course ID: CTD0995f  
Course Title: English Retreat 2012
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