Workshop:   Classroom Performance System

Course ID - CTD0192

Short Title:  CPS

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Audience:        Faculty, Administrators
Total Time:      2 hours  
Prerequisite     None


This workshop will be an introduction to the The Classroom Performance System (CPS). The CPS
is an easy-to-use  response system that obtains immediate feedback from every student. With CPS
participants will learn how to ask objective and subjective questions and have every student respond
with an individual, wireless response pad. In addition to assessing classroom comprehension, participants will be
able to use CPS to grades quizzes and homework in a matter of seconds



 As a result of successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Set up the CPS system to my computer
  • Create a test in the CPS system
  • Create a test in PowerPoint
  • Understand how to use the CPS to ask objective and subjective questions
  • Exported grades to Excel, Word, PDF, or the CPS Gradebook.



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Course ID: - CTD0192
Course Title: Classroom Performance System
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