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Computer Refresh 2010


Congratulations on getting your new computer or new software. In addition to the newest version of the Windows operating system, the new computers have the latest version of the Office Suite installed. If your computer is not being refreshed, you will still be receiving an upgrade of the operating system and Office Suite.The resources, workshops and open lab hours below should assist in the transition and also introduce some of the new features of Windows 7 and Office 2010.

CT&D will offer Workshops, including Self-paced Online Workshops, Webinars, which can be viewed from your office, Resources pages (with links to videos, guides other tutorials).

You can also stop by any of the CT&D Labs during open lab ours for one-on-one assistance.


The Resource pages below have links to many tutorials, videos and handouts for each topic.








What's New: Refresh 2010 -Self-paced online workshop

  • This self-paced workshop will be available for open enrollment through August 30 and will cover the major changes in Office 2010 including Tabs and Ribbons. Basic Windows 7 Navigation will be included. The workshop will take approximately 90 minutes

Office 2010: What's New - F2F at various campuses

Word 2010 - What's New

PowerPoint 2010 - What's New

Excel 2010 -What's New

Self-paced online workshops on 2010 Office application

Word Basics - available all semester

Excel Basics - available all semester

PowerPoint Basics - available all semester



The Open Lab locations and hours and links to the Workshops and Resources are all linked on this page which can be located at :