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How to Get a Flashlight Account

Send email to rberger@mdc.edu with:

Name, Department, Phone, Email, Group

Access rights to edit a survey or view results is set up by Groups.   When a new survey is created, the Author decides if the Group can Read and Edit Surveyor just Read Results.  Groups can be set up for Departments, Committees, Working Groups, etc.    

Faculty who wish to use this tool for their own Classroom Assessment, should choose the Classroom Assessment Category.

How to Access Your Flashlight Online Account.


 1 . Go to the Flashlight Login page - http://flashlightonline.wsu.edu

2. Login with your username and password (Your username should be the same as you use for email - ex  rberger  Your password should be initially set as welcome. You can change this from your Profile link at any time.)

3. Once you are logged in - Click on the (your Group) link.

 4. From there you can create a new survey or access surveys in your group that allow group members to read or read/write. 


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What is Flashlight Online?

Flashlight Online is a Web-based service for creating, administering, and analyzing surveys of all types. The system has special assets for studies in education, especially educational uses of technology. Unlike other web-based systems for creating surveys, Flashlight Online lets you search a library of validated items and peer-reviewed surveys. You can share surveys and data with other users, in your institution and elsewhere.

From http://www.tltgroup.org/programs/flashlightonline.html

Flashlight Online is currently used by 97 institutions around the world and the number grows almost every month. As of August 2003, over 15,000 surveys had been created since Flashlight Online was created, attracting over 1.5 million responses. Flashlight Online is one of most flexible, cost-effective ways to do surveys of any type. It's also one of the most powerful ways to study educational uses of technology.

Here are just a few of the studies that Flashlight Online can help faculty, departments, offices and entire institutions do:

  • How can I improve participation in online discussions and teamwork in my course?
  • How can I use PowerPoint presentations more effectively?
  • Which activities that I use in my course work better online and which work better face-to-face?
  • How does the instructional effectiveness of our distance learning courses compare with our campus courses? Can we assess whether effectiveness improves over the next few years?
  • Is the technological infrastructure adequately available and working well-enough to give students "real" access to online courses and resources?
  • How well are our institution's online student services working for learners?
  • Is our Information Literacy program meeting our learners' needs?

Flashlight Online features:

Flashlight Online provides a variety of kinds of help for swiftly creating surveys, especially surveys of education, and educational uses of technology:

Opportunities for help don't stop with the authoring process. You can share or pool data with other investigators at your institution and at other Flashlight Online institutions. TLT Group staff can help you create a multi-institution group of authors with interests similar to your own.

Flashlight Online is loaded with other powerful features, too, including the ability to print surveys for paper response or to gather data online; to customize the survey using familiar Web editing tools; to administer large numbers of user accounts easily; to get simple analyses of data directly from the system or to easily download raw data to your own statistical software.  Click here to see a survey created with Flashlight Online

Flashlight Online has become a very popular system. Over 15,000 surveys have been created with it as of July 2004, drawing over 1.5 million responses. Flashlight Online is used for general purpose surveys as well as for studies of educational uses of technology.

MDC has a subscription to other resources available the TLT. Please email rberger@mdc.edu for MDC logon information. The TLT Group makes these benefits available through focused assistance , institutional subscription programs , and free resources and webcasts .

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