Miami Dade College

School of Education

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The Associate in Science degree in Early Childhood Education builds on the College Credits Certificates (CCC), while increasing the student’s knowledge base and career opportunities. Students can choose one of the following areas of concentration:

  • Communications (6 credits)
    • ENC1101 – English Composition 1
    • ENC1102 – English Composition 2
  • Oral Communications (3 credits)
    • SPC1026 – Fundamentals of Speech
  • Behavioral/Social Sciences (3 credits)
    • CLP1006 – Introduction to Psychology
  • Natural Sciences (6 credits)
    • BSC2250 – Natural History of South Florida
    • PSC1515 – Energy in the Natural Environment
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
    • MGF1106 – Mathematics for Liberal Arts I
  • Completion of CGS1060 or an equivalent computer competency
  • Fingerprinting and Level II background clearance
  • Nine credits of diversity
  • Foreign Language requirement
  • EDF1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession*
  • EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity*
  • EME2040 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • *15 hours of clinical experience required
  • EEC2224- Emergent Literacy through the Use of Children's Literature (3 credits)*
  • EEC2271- Working with Children with Special Needs and their Families (3 credits)*
  • EEC2407- Facilitating Social Development (3 credits)*
  • EEC2401- Family Interaction and Cultural Continuity (3 credits)*
  • EEC2601- Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood (3 credits)*
  • EDG2943- Field Experience (3 credits)**

* required for bachelor's degree program in ECE.

** required for Florida Child Care Professional Certificate

Students who complete all of the above may be eligible for the BS-ECE or other SOE baccalaureate programs