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Opt-In Procedures for Annual and Continuing Contract Faculty

Type of Employee

Those Who Teach Classroom Courses

Those Who Teach Online College Courses

Annual Contract

Automatically included in Online Student Feedback based on their participation in Spring 2018. Opt-out is available via an online opt-out form. Faculty who are participating for the first time are responsible for informing their chairperson of their opt-in decision to participate in Online Student Feedback.

Automatically included in Online Student Feedback.

Continuing Contract

No Summer Term Option.

No Summer Term Option.


Summer 2018

Chairpersons, Directors, or NWSA Deans must complete a Template to Opt-in file (Excel document) and submit it by the deadline dates.  

Complete the Opt-In Form

Opt-In Form and Deadlines

Chairpersons, Directors, and NWSA Deans must complete the Template to Opt-In Excel Icon file for Summer Term 2018 and submit it via the form below.