All-State Academic Team Scholarship Winners

Ivonne Judge

My name is Ivonne Judge, and I am a student of Miami Dade College at the Homestead Campus. I work in the Learning Support Lab as a mathematics tutor and I love working with numbers and helping students. Miami Dade College has become a significant part of my life as a student and employee. At this college, I learned English by attending non-credit English courses at the Kendall campus and English for Academic Purposes courses at Homestead Campus. After that, I was able to attend college classes. Through my work in the Learning Support Lab and my college education, I am improving my language skills and I am pursuing an Associate in Arts in Business Administration. Being a student of MDC and Vice President of Service of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Homestead Campus, I learned the skills that lead to receiving a prestigious scholarship called All-Florida Team. This achievement is not only a result of my perseverance and dedication, but also the excellent work and support that Miami Dade College at Homestead Campus is doing with their students.

Christina Vliet

Hi, my name is Christina Vliet and I have been a student in Miami-Dade since Fall 2004. I was home schooled before I came to Miami-Dade so college was my first real experience with any kind of school. When I first came I was a little intimidated; thinking that it would be really hard to succeed… but I soon thereafter found out it wasn’t so bad after all. I actually really loved the atmosphere and all the faculty were very friendly as well as accessible so I’ve had no problem doing excellent in all of my classes. My major is Chemistry and my current GPA is 3.95. Also, ever since my second semester at MDC I have been tutoring in the Learning Support Lab, and was President of the Honors Society (PTK) for a period of 8 months. My time in MDC has been very fulfilling and has opened a window of opportunity that at one time I could only dream of. I will take all that I have learned with me for a long time thereafter as I continue my education. I encourage everyone who is considering choosing a community college to go to Miami-Dade.


John Paul Cruz

My name is John Paul Cruz and I am a student at the Homestead Campus, MDC. The college gave me the opportunity to continue my education and to be successful with my studies thanks to my professors and the support from tutors at the labs. My professors have been instrumental in my progress; I truly enjoy their teaching methods. Also, I find it very useful to seek the help of the tutors who are determined to help students understand the material they have problems with. I would like to thank Miami Dade College, the professors, the tutors, and fellow students for helping me achieve my educational goals.




Alex Martinez

My name is Alex Martinez. I work in the Learning Support Lab as a math tutor. I am an artist, studying painting, drawing, and sculpture. I incorporate a type of surrealism mixed with symbolism and expressionism. My current work involves themes such as sensation and self-discovery mostly based on past relationships and thoughts that cannot be described in words. Most of my work is displayed in and around my studio which is located at ArtSouth. I’ve graduated with a bachelor in arts from New World School of the Arts and am currently doing some self-studying of art and creativity. I’m hoping to start teaching art in a classroom or to people individually.


Henry Garcia