The Honors College

at Miami Dade College

Enrichment Opportunities

The Honors College offers more than just a great education. Through various enrichment opportunities, The Honors College builds social and cultural knowledge and reinforces leadership and professionalism.

The result is program that goes beyond rigorous academics and gives brilliant students the skills and awareness they need to become well-rounded leaders. In addition to many study-abroad programs offered by Miami Dade College, The Honors College takes part in the following two programs every year:

Global Citizenship Alliance

  • This program provides an intensive seven-day international experience for participants to explore pressing issues of global concern and to view those issues from a perspective both literally and figuratively outside the borders of the United States
  • Throughout the course of the week, students meet in small groups to explore specific topics related to globalization and global citizenship. Each group reports their findings in writing and through a formal, oral presentation.
  • Because the program is interdisciplinary, all of the sessions have elements of the arts and sciences, culture, humanities, legal studies and environmental sciences. As a result, promote a well-rounded educational philosophy that prepares students for the realities of a global marketplace.

The Washington Center

  • The seminars provide firsthand experience and perspective into politics and the media through a combination of lectures from prominent guest speakers, panel discussions, site visits, and small group dialogues. Students hear directly from the journalists covering politics, leaders of special interest groups, and other insiders. In addition, students visit several historic sites in Washington, D.C., as well as colleges and universities in the area.
  • Miami Dade College gives our students access to the center of the political process, as it's happening now and as history is being made.

Bridge to the Baccalaureate Program

  • The University of Miami and Miami Dade College have partnered since 1994 to provide instruction and support to talented students with an interest in the sciences and who are also considering pursuing doctoral degrees
  • Through the Bridge program, Honors students will be enrolled as a cohort in courses at UM, be offered paid research opportunities, participate in special seminars, and present their research at a national science meeting
  • Students who successfully complete the Bridge program and decide to transfer to UM will also receive ongoing support accompanied by valuable research experiences.
  • Interested students must complete the application, provide an updated high school transcript, and two letters of recommendation from high school teachers and/or counselors. Applications must be submitted to The Honors College director on the campus where the student has been accepted.