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Manager's Guide to ASTRA Processing

Following is a recap of the general processing for instructional course records/tasks and overload/part-time payments within the ASTRA faculty assignment and tracking system:

  • Full-time faculty select courses; department chairpersons assign courses to adjuncts
  • Departments enter course/task assignments each term
  • Managers review on-line reports to ensure courses are assigned and faculty are RPA'd
  • Available on-line reports are displayed as follows:
      • Instructor Course Assignments
      • Employee Job Assignments (RPAs)
      • Unassigned courses by Qual
      • Cancelled courses
      • Missing/no RPA
      • Assignments by Qual or Reference #
      • P-T point distribution
  • Other printed reports include, but not limited to:
      • Data Entry Sheets
      • Short-load and undesignated overload report
      • Unassigned courses
      • Instructors (assigned to) cancelled courses
      • Instructors with 30+ overload points
      • Administrative task points with 40+
      • Administrative task detail report
      • Payment discrepancies
  • Reports for distribution to faculty:
      • Faculty Assignment Summary
      • Notice of Assignment (for adjuncts)
  • ASTRA will programmatically distribute overload and/or part-time payments based on the beginning and end date of each course. See attached document for examples of “points to pay”. Late data entry will result in a “catch up” payment for the next check date.
  • ASTRA Time and Attendance roster creation is based on 25 check dates (pay schedule online).
  • Managers can view on-line report for those faculty “scheduled to be paid” (based on check date).
      • Check date with final deadline dates are displayed on this screen.
  • Final rosters are produced for department review and approval.
      • Points to be paid (or banked) will appear on roster.
      • Departments must enter any absent or substitute hours on the appropriate payroll authorization dates
      • Changes made after roster is created will be reflected on next check date roster
      • Department may void payment when authorizing roster , if information that appears is inaccurate
  • ASTRA Time and Attendance screen based on published deadlines.
      • Department prepares and approves the roster in ASTRA.
          • Hours to be paid are passed over to Odyssey for actual processing of payment.
Each campus has an ASTRA Coordinator to oversee the faculty assignment process.


H:\ASTRA\Managers Guide to ASTRA Processing

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