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Pay Issues

Employee Payroll During Disaster Leave

Full-time Employees

  • Designated disaster day leave will be recorded in Odyssey Time and Attendance as DISA.
  • Previously approved scheduled leave (e.g. vacation, personal, sick, flex, etc.) is reported in the leave type for which it was approved.
  • Essential personnel who are exempt employees (Professional Exempt Contractual (PEC), Professional Exempt Non-Contractual (PENC) and Faculty) tasked to remain or report to work while College is officially closed will only receive disaster pay.
  • Essential personnel who are non-exempt employees (Support Non-Exempt (SNE) who were tasked to remain or report for work while the College was officially closed for the emergency will receive disaster pay and will be paid overtime (first 2.5 hours after completed 37.5 work week hours (OVEN); additional hours beyond 40 hours per week paid at 1.5 regular hourly rate (OVER).
  • Essential personnel are expected to be at work and may only be excused by meeting all of the following conditions:
    • Obtaining permission of their supervisor.
    • Providing a suitable replacement.
    • Submitted a leave form utilizing their own earned leave.

Part-time Employees

  • Non-instructional part-time employees will be paid for actual hours worked, not time scheduled.
  • With supervisor approval, hours missed due to closing of the College may be made up as follows:
    • Non-instructional (C1) - no later than 3 weeks after the disaster.
    • Student assistants (N1) - no later than 2 weeks after the disaster.
    • Instructional and non-instructional professional employees (H1) - no later than 3 weeks after the disaster.
    • Instructional faculty (P1) and full-time overload (L1) are expected to work with students to make up instructional hours in a variety of ways. Full payment will be received for credit classes only.

Full details of Procedure 2520 can be found at


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