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Urgent care centers -- filling the gap between your doctor and the ER



Sometimes, it's easy to know when you need to go to an emergency room (ER) for example, if you are having a heart attack. But most of the time knowing when to go to the ER isn't always so clear. Here is some information to help you decide what care you need, and where you should go to receive it.

Doctor care in the office

See your doctor for minor problems such as strep throat or an ear infection. See your doctor for checkups or for any follow-up or on-going care.

Urgent care in an urgent care center

Urgent care centers provide care when your doctor isn't available, such as at night or on weekends. For example, urgent care centers can treat sprained ankles, fevers, minor cuts and injuries. Do not use urgent care centers for follow-up care or for issues that can wait for your doctor. For serious threats to your health, you need to go to the ER.

Retail Clinics- a quick alternative for common ailments

Retail clinics, or Walk in clinics as they are also called are designed to offer a quick alternative for common ailments with no appointment necessary. Each clinic consists of a Nurse Practitioners and/or Physician Assistants treating ailments such as strep throat, pink eye, and seasonal allergies. Members accessing retail clinics do not need a referral from their PCP.

Emergency care* -- in an ER

Aetna always covers emergency care for members. If you have an emergency:

  • Call your local emergency number such as 911 or go to the nearest ER.
  • Once you are stable, ask the staff to call your doctor. Your doctor can share important information about your health with the ER staff.
  • Call your doctor or Aetna as soon as possible if you have to stay in the hospital.

Need a primary care physician? Want to locate an urgent care center or a walk in clinic? Go to , log in and click the DocFind® link in the left column, or call the toll-free Member Services number on your ID card.

* Aetna defines an emergency as "symptoms so severe that not getting medical attention right away could endanger the person's health. This includes pregnant women and unborn children." See your plan documents for details that may be specific to your state.

Instructions for finding an Urgent Care Center

From Personalized Secure Navigator:

Log in to Navigator from On left had side, select "Find Health Care in DocFind"

Under Provider Category select "Facilities (such as labs and x-ray)" form the drop down box Under Provider Type select "Urgent Care Facilities"

Click "Start Search"

All urgent care facilities within 15 miles of your personal address will be displayed based on the plan you are enrolled in. If you would like to change and look for facilities elsewhere, you can do a new search on the left by updating the zip code.


From the Public Site:

Visit < > Under shortcuts on the right side, select "Find a Doctor"

You can enter the zip code, city or county you are interested in Same Provider Category and Type apply as above Select the Plan that you are enrolled in Select "Start Search"

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