Accessing Your AmeriFlex Account via the Internet:
Go to Click on the “Employee” drop-down menu toward the top of the page, the select the “Member Portal Login” link. You will be directed to the login page.

To Register Online for your AmeriFlex Spending Account:
On the main login screen, click on the link that reads, “Is this your first time visiting the AmeriFlex Convenience Portal? You must register first.”

For AmeriFlex Primary Accountholders:

*Account holder’s Last Name - enter the accountholder’s Last Name
*SSN - enter accountholder’s Social Security Number
*DOB - enter accountholder’s Date of Birth
*Gender - enter accountholder’s Gender

Choose your AmeriFlex Registration Identifier:

*Card Number - enter your AmeriFlex Convenience Card number without spaces or dashes
*Employer Code (AMF Code) – AMFMIAMID


*User ID (Email Address) - enter your preferred Email Address, which will also serve as your User ID

CAPTCHA Code - By entering this distorted alphanumeric combination, AmeriFlex is able to further secure your protected information.

After entering this information, you will be directed to a new page and prompted to create your password. Once you re-enter your e-mail address and password, you will be asked to select two secret security questions and answers that will enable us to further verify and secure your identity. Once you have selected your security questions/answers, you will be directed to the AmeriFlex Convenience Portal.

Registration Process Complete!
Click on the login link and begin navigating the updated Website!
Should you receive an information error message that does not easily guide you through the information correction process, please feel free to contact our dedicated Member Services team at 888.868.FLEX (3539).

**AmeriFlex is unable to reset your password, if you forget or need to reset your password go to the site and click Forgot your password? Click here

**Once your login is created, if you happen to experience any of the following issues hit the F5 key on your keyboard

The system redirects you to a different login page
The system states your password is deactivated
The system states too many failed login attempts