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Human Resources Main Telephone Number - 305-237-2051
Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus - Room 1107 (map)

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Human Resources Administration
Fax - 305-237-2928

Vice Provost, Human Resources
  Iliana Castillo-Frick 305-237-0755
  Administrative Assistant: Jennis Ramsay 305-237-0293
  Secretary: Minda Feldheim 305-237-0294
  Part-Time Clerk: Pablo Colunga 305-237-0286

Part-Time Clerk: Cinndy Giffuni 305-237-0286
Associate Vice Provost, Human Resources (Employment; Employee Services)
  Mary de Laosa 305-237-0212
Associate Vice Provost, Human Resources (Employee Relations)
  Bettie H. Thompson 305-237-0291

Compensation/Benefits & Information Systems | |
Fax - 305-237-0322

Martha Arrieta 305-237-0363
Compensation, Benefits & HRIS Director
Elaine Spence 305-237-0365
  Compensation & Benefits Manager
Denise Diaz 305-237-0361
Benefits Analyst
Vivian Basit 305-237-0366

Compensation Analyst
Job Descriptions; Interim Payments

Maria Hathaway 305 237-0362
  HR Coordinator
Israel Jarquin 305-237-0364
  Benefits Analyst


  Part-Time Compensation Analyst

Melinda Cabrera 305-237-0299
  Part-Time Compensation & Benefits Assistant

Cynthia Cattani 305-237-0480
  Part-Time Compensation & Benefits Assistant

Jeannie Cidel 305-237-0479
  Wellness Coordinator
  Claribel Valdez 305-237-0297
  HR Coordinator
ASTRA Banked Point Audits;
Teaching Verifications
  Christian Candales 305-237-0295
  HRIS Systems Analyst
HR Web Page; Internal HR Requests
; Mainframe Reports; HR Label Requests
  Jeff Hung 305-237-0285
  HRIS Systems Analyst
HR Web Page; Internal HR Requests; Mainframe Reports; HR Label Requests

  Employee Relations
Fax - 305-237-2963

Bettie H. Thompson 305-237-0291
Associate Vice Provost
All Instructional; Non Instructional - Business Affairs, District at Wolfson, Human Resources, Information Technology
Clive Bridges 305-237-0290
  ER Officer
Non Instructional Hialeah, Medical, North, NWSA, MDC-West, Wolfson
Laura Marks 305-237-0289
  ER Officer
Non Instructional InterAmerican, Facilities Management, Homestead, Kendall
OPEN   305-237-0266
  ER Officer (Part-Time)

Fax - 305-237-0961

Donna French 305-237-0277
Employment Manager
Alvar Andollo 305-237-0280
Senior Employment Specialist
Wolfson, NWSA, InterAmerican, Koubek Center
Lacie Fairweather 305-237-0268

Senior Employment Specialist
North, Medical, Hialeah, MDC-West, Meek Center

Christine Berry 305-237-0261

Senior Employment Specialist
Kendall, Homestead

Priscilla Lorraine Acebo 305-237-0296

Part-Time Employment Coordinator
Onboarding Held at Kendall Campus

Adrian Castro 305-237-0282
HR Coordinator
Wolfson, NWSA, InterAmerican, Koubek Center
Nubia Gil 305-237-0267

HR Coordinator
Kendall, Homestead

Stephanie Garcia 305-237-0260
  HR Coordinator
North, Medical, HIaleah, MDC-West, Meek Center

 Employee Services
Fax - 305-237-2106

Letitia Rackley 305-237-0275
Employee Services Manager
Lissette Solano 305-237-0274

HR Coordinator/Hialeah/District/Continuing Education Campus Liaison
Oversees data entry/personnel documentation including "Right to Work" documentation follow-up

Tania Mora 305-237-0270
HR Coordinator/Homestead/District/Continuing Education Campus Liaison
Oversees data entry/personnel documentation including "Right to Work" documentation follow-up
Noris Perez 305-237-0272
HR Wolfson/NWSA/District/Continuing Education Campus Liaison
Liliana Guiribitey 305-237-0273
HR Kendall/District/Medical/Continuing Education Campus Liaison
Mayda Jaen 305-237-0271
HR North/MDC-West/District/Continuing Education Campus Liaison
Barbara Fresneda 305-237-0283
HR InterAmerican/Medical/District/Continuing Education Campus Liaison

 Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA
Fax - 305-237-0943

  Dr. Joy Ruff 305-237-0269
Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator
The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator is a Collegewide resource for issues relating to compliance with federal and state civil rights laws; investigation and resolution of discrimination and harassment complaints; program accessibility for individuals with disabilities; and operations of the Minority and Small Business Enterprise Initiative
  Cindy Lau Evans 305-237-0288
  Equal Opportunity Programs, Manager
  Sheldon Edwards
  Minority and Small Business Enterprise Initiative, Manager
The Minority and Small Business Enterprise (MSBE) office administers MDC’s supplier diversity initiative to increase the use of small local businesses in its procurement of goods and services.
  Dulce Rodriguez-Krueger 305-237-0278
  Equal Opportunity Programs, Administrative Assistant (Part-Time)

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