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Criteria for Overall Performance Evaluation Categories
for Professional Exempt Non Contractual (PENC) and Support Non Exempt (SNE) Employees

A standard evaluation form is available on the Human Resources website. This form should be completed and sent through administrative channels to Human Resources.

  1. Quality of Work: This is the measurement of the degree of excellence of the work performed over the entire rating period. In rating this factor, attention should be given to the consequence of poor quality of work.

Comments: Is the employee's work neat, accurate, thorough and acceptable? Must the work be redone, thus reducing the potential volume of acceptable work which could have been produced? Do errors in the employee's work affect the effort of others? Does poor work frequently reflect adversely upon the office, department or college?

  1. Quantity of Work: Refers to the quantity of satisfactory work turned out during a given period of time. Does the employee consistently accomplish a full day's work? Does the employee produce enough work so that he/she is clearly an asset to the department?

Comments: Short term exceptions to the quantity standard can sometimes be made for such reasons as the employee's poor health, home problems, length of service. However, care should be exercised to ensure maximum quantity for departmental standards.

  1. Job Knowledge: This factor should not be restricted to the technical knowledge an employee is required to bring a specialized job. It is much broader and includes particularly the range of pertinent policies, regulations and procedures relating to his/her assignment. It does relate to the mental and/or physical skills required in a given position. A craftsman's basic skills are readily identified, while many office occupations include job skills which are relatively obscure.

Comments: Does the employee consistently demonstrate at a proper level the job knowledge prerequisites in the job specification? Has the probationary employee acquired an acceptable level of job knowledge? Is the permanent employee keeping up-to-date with changing policies and procedures and with technological advances in his/her occupational field?

  1. Supervision: The degree of supervision an employee requires in accomplishing assigned duties and how successful his/her planning and organizing are in achieving desired results.

Comments:  Does the employee take time to plan the sequence of steps required in carrying out his/her tasks? Does he/she perform his/her job thoughtlessly or without enthusiasm which ultimately results in lost time or needless mistakes? Is the employee self-motivated? Does he/she take opportunities to exercise independence of action or must he/she be prodded into action? Is he/she alter to operating efficiency and cost cutting?

  1. Attitude: Refers to the degree of willingness an employee exhibits when given responsibility and the manner in which he/she relates to other personnel in carrying out that responsibility.

Comments: Does the employee demonstrate that he/she accepts instructions by performing duties to the best of his/her ability? Does the employee chronically  challenge supervision, instructions or orders? Is he/she resentful of direction or supervision? Does he/she readily accept responsibility or direction but complain about it to fellow employees? Does he/she voluntarily assist others and maintain cooperative relationships?

  1. Attendance and Punctuality: Attendance, appearance and punctuality may be considered significant in fulfilling the requirements of a particular position.

Intangible qualities such as integrity, patience, and courage usually refer to character and personality traits, not to employee's performance, and should be avoided as evaluation factors unless a direct relationship between such traits and job performance can be demonstrated.

In addition, a staff/non-contractual employee shall be evaluated just prior to the completion of the 90 calendar day probationary employment period. Probationary evaluations shall contain a specific recommendation for either continued employment or termination (Procedure 2352).

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