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Public Records Act and Information

Florida Statute 119.07(3)(i)1 permit certain types of information available to the public and computer listings are frequently required under the Public Records Act.

All employees are required to furnish the College with home addresses and telephone numbers.  Full-time employees should notify their department Time and Attendance preparer to update their home address and telephone number and/or update online at, My Personal Records.  The departments can maintain this information on-line within the Odyssey System.  Part-time employees should contact the Human Resources Office to update their personnel demographics record.

Exceptions (Full-time and Part-time Employees):
If your telephone number is unpublished, please notify the Human Resources Office in writing.  Your telephone number will be designated as non-published in College records and not disseminated to anyone.

Additionally, the Public Records Act also exempts from public records the telephone number, home address and photogragh of current and former sworn police officers, correctional and correctional probation officers; firefighters; judges; human resources, labor relations or employee relations managers; and each of the respective spouses and children of such personnel.  Your address and telephone number can be protected from public access.  If you or your spouse is a sworn officer, please notify the Human Resources Office in writing.  Include identification of the agency, which employs you or your spouse, and a copy of appropriate agency ID.

Public Records Request Form:

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