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Defining the Workday/Workweek
The workday should be one-fifth of the workweek. The normal workday is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with an hour for lunch, Monday through Friday, except during periods when a four day workweek is invoked. The workday may vary for individuals according to an employee's position. Variations of the workday will be established at the discretion of the employee's supervisor. Policy II-8, Procedure 2828

Equal Employment Opportunity

  1. Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity employer and committed to recruit, employ, grant salaries, and promote personnel without regard to gender, race, marital status, age, religion, national origin, or disability in compliance with all Federal and State legislation and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination.
  2. The employees of the College are expected to teach or work with other employees, and to supervise or be supervised in their work by other employees without regard to gender, race, marital status, age, religion, national origin, or disability.
  3. Miami Dade College is committed to provide equal educational opportunities to all prospective students and enrolled students regardless of gender, race, marital status, age, religion, national origin, or disability. This commitment to equal access/equal opportunity includes the following: recruitment, admission, programs and activities, facilities, counseling and testing, financial assistance, and placement.
  4. Miami Dade College is committed to providing equal employment and equal educational opportunities to its employees and students in an atmosphere free from harassment or other discriminatory practices based upon gender, race, marital status, age, religion, national origin, or disability
  5. The College shall provide reasonable instructional support services as well as substitution, modification, or waiver of any requirement for admission or graduation for any student with a recognized physiological disorder(s) which substantially impairs that person's visual, auditory, manual or speaking abilities, or who has a learning disability as recognized by the State Board of Education Rules, where documentation can be provided that the student's failure to meet the requirement is related to the disability, and where the failure to meet the requirement does not constitute a fundamental alteration to the student's academic performance or to the nature of the program of study.
  6. The College shall make reasonable modifications for students and employees with disabilities except where such modifications (1) fundamentally alter the nature of a service, program or activity; (2) the College can demonstrate undue hardship in the provision of the modifications; or (3) the person, even if modifications are made, poses a direct threat to the health or safety of students, staff or others.

Policy I-21

Health and Safety
The College President or designee shall establish procedures to address environmental matters as well as the safety, health and sanitation requirements of applicable federal, state and local laws, including State Board of Education Rules. These procedures shall serve as the College's program of safety, health and sanitation for the protection of the occupants of College buildings and ancillary plant. The procedures shall also provide for required inspections; the withdrawal of any educational/ancillary plant, or portion thereof, from use until unsafe or unsanitary conditions are corrected or removed; and for a notification process in the event of a casualty.

Accident/Incident Reports
The following steps should be used to respond to concerns such as medical injuries, illness, safety, sanitation and environmental issues, including indoor air quality. These steps should be followed in cases of injury to a College employee, student or visitor, or cases of safety and health concerns.

A. Injuries which occur to a College employee:

    1. Report injuries to the Public Safety Office and the employee's immediate supervisor.
    2. Public Safety will dispatch an officer to the scene.
    3. Public Safety Security will notify Fire/Rescue, if necessary.
    4. If employee is not transported by Fire/Rescue, Public Safety will complete the Miami Dade Worker's Compensation Authorization Form and direct the employee to the appropriate Worker's Compensation Clinic for medical evaluation and treatment.
    5. Public Safety will complete the appropriate report and forward a copy to the College Risk Management Office.

B. Injuries which occur to a visitor or student:

    1. Report injuries to the Public Safety Office.
    2. Public Safety will dispatch an officer to the scene.

    Procedure 2660

Worker's Compensation
Visit the Division of Worker's Compensation

Personnel Records
Human Resources is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of College personnel records. It is the employee's responsibility to provide all necessary documentation (i.e. College transcripts, I-9 Form, W-4, etc.) to the Human Resources office at the start of employment.

  • Required Documentation 
  • Procedure 2106 (Limited Access) - To inform the public and College personnel of the procedures to be followed in gaining access to employee personnel records subject to Public Records Act, Florida Statute Section 119.07, and to inform the public and College personnel of those employee personnel records defined as limited access records excluded from the Public Records Act.
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