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Leaves of Various Types for Full-Time Employees

General - Administrative Leave - Family & Medical Leave - Military Leave
Personal Leave PSAL - Sick Leave - Vacation

The President of the College or designee may authorize leaves of various types.  A request for leave should be directed to the employee's immediate supervisor.  With the exception of leaves granted under the provisions of Worker's Compensation, the District Board of Trustees must approve leaves in excess of thirty consecutive days. All leaves must be approved in advance and will be granted in such a manner as to maintain, with a minimum of disruption, the operations of the College.

No leave, except military leave, shall be granted at one time for a period greater than one year.  The District Board of Trustees may grant requests for an extension of a leave. Since there is no automatic renewal of leaves, employees must report to work on the first working day following expiration of their approved leave.  Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of their employment by the District Board of Trustees.

Listed below, please find a general explanation of the different types of leaves offered by the College. The foregoing information of this document is not meant to replace the terms and conditions set forth in Policy/Procedure of the College. In addition, effective January 1, 1999, the College has converted reporting of days to hours. Based on this change, the value of a day reported in hours is based upon the employee's Payroll Classification. The value of a day for an Administrator or Staff member equals 7.5 hours. The value of a day for a Faculty member equals 7.0 hours. 

Employees subpoenaed for jury duty or to appear as a court witness, may apply for administrative leave.  A copy of the subpoena must be attached to the leave request. For personal litigation, employees may apply for personal leave.

Many courts have adopted a jury subpoena system, which subpoenas an employee for a specified period of time.  Often under this type of system, the employee is provided with a call-in number and required to call in each evening to determine if they will be used as a juror the following day. On days when an employee is not used as a juror, the employee must report to work.  Failure to do so can result in dismissal.

The Clerk of the Court provides certification of those days, in which the employee actually served. The supervisors and the Office of Human Resources frequently request this certification.


All employees who have been employed by the College for at least twelve (12) months and have worked at least 1250 hours during the previous twelve (12) months are eligible to request up to twelve (12) weeks of job-protected leave for the purpose of personal, medical incapacity and care giving as necessitated by the birth of a child, adoption or placement of a child in the home, or for serious illness of a qualified family member. Eligible employees with a spouse, son, daughter, or parent on active duty or call to active duty status in the National Guard or Reserves in support of a contingency operation may use their twelve (12) week leave entitlement to address certain qualifying exigencies. Under the provisions of the Military Caregiver Leave, eligible employees may take up to twenty-six (26) weeks of leave in a single twelve (12) month period to care for a covered service member recovering from a serious injury or illness incurred in the line of duty on active duty. This provision also extends FMLA protection to additional family members such as next of kin. Eligible employees are entitled to a combined total of up to twenty-six (26) weeks of all types of FMLA leave during a single twelve (12) month period. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Full-time employees of the College are entitled to receive illness or injury in-line-of-duty leave when he/she must be absent from duty because of proven personal injury received in the performance of duty or because of illness from any contagious or infectious disease contracted while in a duty status. All illness or injury-in-line of duty must be reported to the Campus Security Office immediately.

Illness or injury in-line-of duty shall not exceed twelve workdays during any fiscal year and shall not be cumulative.

In cases where Worker's Compensation Insurance compensates the employee for time lost from duty, illness or injury in-line-of-duty leave granted by the College shall be pro-rated.  The employee's illness or injury in-line-of-duty leave will be charged the difference between Worker's Compensation and the daily rate of pay.


A special leave provision has been made for full-time employees who volunteer, are inducted or recalled to active duty (from a reserve status for more than ninety days (90) days).  Employees granted military leave under Policy II-31 receive a full month's pay for the first month of their military service. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


If the employee is a member of a reserve unit in the armed forces or a member of the National Guard, he/she may be eligible to receive their regular daily rate of pay for up to 240 working hours of military training.  When applying for Military Leave for Training, submit a copy of your official training notification along with your leave request. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Personal circumstances or health conditions may prohibit the employee from fulfilling job responsibilities for a period of time.  If this happens, the employee may apply, through the supervisor or department head, for up to one year of personal leave without pay.

Expectant mothers, fathers or an employee who has adopted a child may apply for Personal Leave Without Pay for a maximum of one year. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


All full-time personnel are eligible to use four days of sick leave each fiscal year  (or academic year for faculty) for personal reasons.  Prior approval by the immediate supervisor is necessary.  Personal leave should be scheduled at a time that does not interfere with the efficient operation of the department. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Professional staff earns 6.25 hours of Professional Staff Accrued Leave (PSAL) each month, up to a maximum of 10 days per year. On an annual basis, the College may grant employees the option to convert PSAL to a cash payment. Employees are also allowed to schedule PSAL, up to the balance available. Employees may accrue no more that 225 hours (30 days). To accrue leave in a month, the employee must be in a pay status on or before the 15th day of the month. Professional Staff Accrued Leave balances are printed on the payroll advice. Discrepancies should be reported to the Office of Human Resources.


PEC, PENC, and SNE employees earn sick leave at the rate of one day per month. (Faculty earns 10 or 11 days, depending on the type of contract held.) To earn a day of sick leave monthly, the employee must be in a pay status on or before the 15th day of the month.  College employees may accumulate an unlimited number of sick leave hours.

When an employee is absent, sick leave is not automatically granted.  The employee must request verbal approval of sick leave from his/her supervisor or department head. Sick leave may be approved for personal illness, illness or death of a close relative or of persons who are members of their immediate household.  Once the employee has exhausted their accrued sick leave, the employee will be charged vacation leave. When the vacation leave accrued does not cover the sick leave reported, the employee will be charged leave without pay.

Injury or illness in the performance of college duties should be immediately reported to the Campus Public Safety Office.  Under the provision of State Board Regulations, employees may be granted a maximum of twelve days of injury in-line-of-duty leave annually. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Each year the college conducts a Sick Leave Pool enrollment period.  Eligible employees are those who have completed at least 12 calendar months of employment and who have a sick leave balance of at least 10 days at the time of enrollment.

Employees joining the sick leave pool donate 5 days from their sick leave balance.  Should a member exhaust his or her own sick leave, the member is eligible to use a maximum of 30 days from the sick leave pool in a consecutive twelve-month period.  Use of days from the pool is limited to the member's personal illness, accident or injury.  A medical release form and a doctor's statement verifying the period that the member is unable to work must accompany the Requests for leave form. More details about the sick leave pool can be found in Procedure # 2505. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


The Retirement Sick Leave Payment is made only when the employee is placed on the retirement system payroll through Miami Dade College and has completed 10 years of full-time service at Miami Dade College.  The amount of the sick leave payment will be computed by multiplying the eligible days times a three-year average daily rate earned by a percentage computed as follows: fifty percent for the first 10 years of service plus an additional 1.5 percent for each full year of service beyond 10 years.  The Retirement Settlement Sick Leave Pay for eligible faculty will be based on "old" and "new" days as defined.

      1. Old days are days earned prior to 8/28/91
      2. New days are earned after 8/28/91

Old days shall be paid based on 1/226 of the yearly salary.  New days shall be paid based on 1/196 of the yearly salary. 

The Retirement Sick Leave Settlement of Administrative personnel hired on or after July 1, 1995 is limited to 25% or 60 days whichever is lesser.  The Policies and Procedures governing the terms and conditions of all College personnel are subject to change, amendment or cancellation as determined by the District Board of Trustees or Florida governed Statutes. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Sick leave balances are transferable among Florida Community Colleges, the local school board and the State University System based upon the policies adopted by the receiving institution.  Transfer days, however, are not available for immediate use.  One transfer day is credited to the employee account for each corresponding day earned in the new position.  Sick leave may be transferred upon termination or at a later date. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


From the first day of employment through the fifth year, employees earn vacation at the rate of one day per month.  At the completion of the fifth year, the vacation accrual rate will increase to one and one-quarter days per month.  At the completion of the tenth year of service, the employee will have achieved the maximum vacation accrual rate of one and one-half days per month.

To earn a day of vacation leave monthly, the employee must be in a pay status on or before the 15th day of the month.  Earned vacation leave for the preceding month is credited to the record on a monthly basis when the reporting period includes the first of the month.  Vacation leave may not be advanced.  Vacation leave maybe accumulated in excess of the legal forty-four day maximum during any calendar year; but each January 1, unused vacation in excess of the forty-four day (330 hours) maximum shall be canceled.

Employees whose accounts are reduced to the legal maximum will accrue vacation leave in the new calendar year, according to years of service.  Payment of terminal vacation leave is limited by the State Board of Education rule to a lump sum payment of thirty (30) vacation leave days.  Retiring employees may be paid lump sum vacation pay in an amount of up to sixty-two (62) days.

Vacation must be taken at a time agreeable to both the employee and the department head.  Vacation leave must be approved, in advance, by the supervisor and scheduled at a time that does not interfere with the efficient operation of the department. For more information, please see Policy and Procedures.


Questions related to balances or leave usage may be directed to
Human Resources Benefits at 305-237-2010.

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