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Welcome to the Support Staff Council

The Support Staff Council (SSC) is a group of elected representatives who are empowered to meet, confer, recommend, and provide advice to the Campus President and College Administration regarding concerns about practices, procedural matters, and working conditions that affect support non-exempt (SNE) employees on Campus. The Support Staff Council is not and has never been a unionized group within Miami Dade College; participation is on a voluntary basis and therefore members of the Council are not required to pay dues or fees for participation.

Who Are We?

We are those employees, in front and behind the scenes, who help the other groups achieve excellence!

What Is Our Mission?

To provide leadership by fostering a work environment that attracts and inspires excellence, through continuous improvement and teamwork, in support of the college mission.

Support Staff Council’s History

The Support Staff Council of Miami Dade College is a distinguished group that took its first steps back in 1983 at the Kendall Campus. It began as the dream of several employees who felt the need for a forum where employees in the “classified/staff” category could confer, recommend, and provide advice to their respective Campus President and the College’s administration about practices and procedural matters that affected this specific group.

The Council was founded by Ms. Sally Jacobson and Ms. Pati Chirdon, who were later joined in their efforts by Ms. Deborah Yagerman, and Mr. Frank Devlin, just to name a few.  The Council’s Constitution and Bylaws were officially approved on September 14, 1983, and almost four (4) years later, on January 27, 1987, the Support Staff Council was officially recognized by the College’s Board of Trustees with the approval of Policy I-82. (Click here for policy)

Since that humble beginning, Support Staff Council members have volunteered their time and talents to meet the needs of the group and the College wherever they exist.  This group of employees is especially dedicated to serving, not only Miami Dade College, but the Miami-Dade County community as well.

Throughout its proud history, the Council has had many accomplishments that include:

  • Representation on all campus and Collegewide committees, including the College Board of Trustees meetings;
  • The creation of the Excellence Award as a means of recognition;
  • Professional development opportunities through College Training and Development; and
  • The creation of the Support Staff Council Collegewide Executive Group, in June 2007, were the individual campus council presidents sit to share, discuss, and address issues collectively.

The individual Support Staff Councils have had many accomplishments, such as participation in community oriented efforts such as “Habitat for Humanity,” the establishment of the Annual Support Staff Council Luncheon, and the creation of the Frank Devlin Memorial Scholarship Award, just to mention a few.

You will find that participating in Support Staff Council will offer many opportunities for personal growth.  Not only can you experience the incomparable feeling you receive from volunteering your time to be the eyes, ears, and voice of your fellow support staff colleagues, but you will also have the chance to hone leadership, communication, and organizational skills.  You can develop friendships that last a lifetime and contribute ideas that will help our council be an even more valuable part of our Miami Dade College community.

Your participation in the Support Staff Council will enable us to reach more colleagues, both on-campus and Collegewide.  The officers and members of this council are thrilled that you have chosen to help us continue the legacy of Support Staff Council by improving and making our work environment an even better place to work.


Support Staff Council Representation

  • The Support Staff Council represents all full-time Support Non-Exempt (SNE) employees as defined in Procedure 2010, Section II, Items 19, 24, and 34. (link to the procedure)
  • The manner of elections, terms of office, number of officers, and members of the Council is determined by the Collegewide and Campus Bylaws.

The Collegewide Executive Group

  • The Collegewide Executive Group consists of the eight (8) Council Presidents and the immediate past Chair.
  • It provides a forum for communication between each Campus Council, coordinates collegewide council events, and serves as the voice between the support non-exempt employees and the College’s top level administration.

    (link to current CEG directory)

Campus Council Officers

  • President – The authorized leader who presides over meetings
  • Vice President – Assists the President and assumes presidential duties in his/her absence
  • Secretary – Records meeting minutes, retains minute records
  • Treasurer – Keeps records of funds and expenditures
  • Parliamentarian – Provides advice regarding meeting proceedings
  • Ex-Officio – Assists the current elected SSC President by providing direction
  • Representative – Individual employee who is authorized to represent his/her respective area during meetings; he/she is a voting member.
  • Alternate – Individual employee who is authorized to represent his/her respective area during the meetings, when the Representative is not available to attend a meeting; he/she is a voting member only when the representative is not present at the meeting.

    (link to current directory)

Role of the Support Staff Council

  • Promotes Campus-wide communication
  • Promote campus governance
  • Promote professional growth and development
  • Share information
  • Shares support staff employees’ concerns with the Campus and College Administration
  • Promotes Campus goals and objectives
  • Advocates employee rights established by the College's Policies & Procedures Manual


  • Build partnerships with the Council constituents, peers on-Campus, and the administration
  • Demonstrate your leadership abilities
  • Notice of important decisions and information
  • Affect changes by identifying concerns
  • Spearhead projects that involve support staff employees
  • Share growth and development opportunities
  • Address safety issues, working conditions, and recommend possible solutions

    (link to SSC Brochure)

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Thank you!

General Information:


Room 8215






Business Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

For more information on the Support Staff Council, contact your Campus' Executive Board or your Area's Support Staff Representative. 

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