Miami Dade College

InterAmerican Campus

#D rendering of InterAmerican Campus building

We are InterAmerican

By: Guisell Gomez

Inter-American (in-ter-uh-mer-i-kuh n) adj., of or relating to some or all of the countries of North, Central, and South America. A word that has been shared with our college and its neighbor. A word that wasn’t established until the late 1930s. This word had no business in day to day conversations prior to its birth because diversity of any sorts wasn’t as common or accepted as it is nowadays. But, here we are, decades later and we are wearing that word out proudly without even realizing it. “InterAmerican” is splashed on the walls with strokes that speak directly to the community. It is me. It is you. “InterAmerican” embodies diversity, which is epitomized by everything our campus stands for.

Located in the heart of the very eclectic Little Havana, 14-story, architecturally beautiful InterAmerican Plaza towers over us. At an attempt to expand the learning space for all that frequent our college, Miami-Dade College InterAmerican Campus decided to acquire the spacious InterAmerican plaza building that has powerfully sat right in front of us for many years. During its time, the InterAmerican plaza has housed numerous businesses, but it is now that it is housing what many would say their most ambitious tenant yet, our very own Miami-Dade College. After much careful consideration and negotiations, the acquisition of the InterAmerican Plaza was successfully finalized in 2012. Ever since then, Miami-Dade College has committed itself to million to cover the expenses of the renovations and any amenities that will provide both students and school staff a well-rounded experience of the extension of the campus. This extension of the culturally-forward InterAmerican campus will be ready to be enjoyed by students in search of their academic dreams in January 2017. By securing the InterAmerican plaza as Miami-Dade College’s property, the college is expected to offer more opportunities for present and future students.

Historically, Miami-Dade College InterAmerican Campus has been known for its constant evolutions which never seem to disappoint and I’m sure that includes this grand enhancement to our college. This expansion of our campus is going to provide us with even more fruitions to our learning goals and I honestly cannot wait. Seriously, InterAmerican campus just made our academic experience that much more extraordinary. So, as January approaches, you can be sure to see me frantically run from building to building to beat the clock that forgives no second. Will you be joining me too?