Message from the President

Portrait of Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

Eduardo J. Padrón, Ph.D.
President, Miami Dade College

At Miami Dade College, we pride ourselves in providing our students with innovative and inspiring learning experiences that will transform their lives. Critical to this endeavor is the creativity and initiative imparted by you —our invaluable faculty— who generously share your time and talent day after day to help our students achieve greatness.

Today, I’m excited to announce a new opportunity that will give our faculty the chance to show us their best work and, ultimately, leave a lasting impact on instruction here at MDC. With our President’s Innovation Fund, made possible through the support of Mitchell Wolfson, Sr. Foundation, we want to inspire our faculty to bring pioneering instructional delivery approaches to the MDC classroom.

With a maximum award of $10,000, grant recipients will have access to the support needed to plan, implement and scale their innovation across and beyond the College. The selection process will undoubtedly be competitive, but the work that you put in will produce transformative change in our classrooms.

All full-time faculty are encouraged to submit their proposals by Monday, Feb. 12, 2018. For more information about this exciting opportunity, email

Thank you, and good luck!


President’s Innovation Fund Overview

The President’s Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund) will be a competitive grant program for full-time faculty with the strategic goal of encouraging and supporting faculty innovators who will develop active and project-based learning models that can be extended to other faculty and courses at Miami Dade College and beyond. There will be up to 10 awards annually with a maximum award amount of $10,000. This is intended to support faculty professional growth by funding projects driven by their ideas for and interests in improving student learning.

Innovation Fund applicants will be invited to propose an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning through a specific educational initiative. Proposals will be required to include a research component and those including strategies to scale the innovation across the discipline and college will be at a competitive advantage. Selection will be a competitive process.

Innovation Fund Priorities for 2018

The Innovation Fund encourages innovation that will have a lasting impact upon instruction at Miami Dade College. Innovation should be related to pioneering instructional delivery approaches aimed at improvements in student engagement and success. The funding is intended to support exploration of new territory to test the feasibility of introducing new instructional strategies.

In this grant cycle, the Innovation Fund encourages projects that address one of the following three priority areas:

  • Collaboration: projects that are interdisciplinary with a focus on project-based learning
  • Internationalization: projects that infuse global perspectives and cross-cultural competence into the curriculum
  • Technology: projects that infuse a new or existing technology to supplement or enhance instruction


All full-time faculty are eligible to submit a proposal.

Submission Deadline

The proposal submission deadline is February 12, 2018 at 4:30 PM ET for implementation to begin fall 2018.


Innovation Fund recipients must submit an interim and final report to include narrative and budget components.

Instructional Innovation Showcase

To further encourage and highlight instructional and learning innovation at Miami Dade College, an annual instructional innovation showcase will be held. Recipients of the Innovation Fund will be invited to present what they are doing in the classroom to significantly impact student learning. The Instructional Innovation Showcase is intended to be an opportunity for networking and collaboration among faculty across campuses who share an interest in pedagogy and innovation.

Proposal Guidelines

President’s Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund) proposals should not exceed five (5) pages, and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. To submit a proposal, complete the online form found on this page. The first page of the proposal should include the faculty member’s name (one proposal per faculty member), teaching discipline, number of years teaching at Miami Dade College and a brief biography. The remaining four pages are for the project narrative and should be formatted according to the content categories listed and described below.

  1. Project description:  Describe the goal of this project. How does this project contribute to improving teaching and learning at Miami Dade College? What MDC learning outcome(s) does this project support? How will this innovation positively impact student success? Collaboration projects should identify faculty partners in the project description.
  2. Project rationale: Discuss the anticipated educational impact of your project. What knowledge or quality gap does this project address? What is your hypothesis? In this section, you should also provide a brief overview of the literature, explaining how your project will extend the existing research/literature in this area. References can be included in an appendix and will not count toward the proposal page limit. How will your project go beyond what has already been done?
  3. Approach: Detail the approach you will use to achieve the stated project goals.
  4. Timeline, budget and plan for implementation: Outline your project timeline, budget and plan for implementation. The project timeline should be realistic and all activities must fall within the grant period (March 26, 2018 – April 30, 2019). The budget should include the major expenditure categories, such as technology, instructional materials and training. The plan for implementation must be clear and well thought-out. 
  5. Anticipated work product: Describe what will be created, developed or enhanced at the end of the grant period? How will this product positively address the knowledge or quality gap outlined in the rationale of your proposal?  
  6. Evaluation plan: The evaluation plan should demonstrate how the project will be assessed in order to illustrate whether the project met its goals. How will you know the project was successful?
  7. Dissemination of results: Discuss how you plan to share the results of this project to the field.

Review Committee and Evaluation Criteria

An Innovation Fund proposal review committee will be appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost to include the following representation:

  • One (1) Dean of Faculty
  • Four (4) full-time faculty
  • One (1) non-voting representative from District Academic Affairs to serve as coordinator
  • One (1) non-voting representative from the District Institutional Effectiveness to serve as resource

Evaluation criteria to be used by the Innovation Fund proposal review committee will include the following categories:

  • Quality (20 points): Proposal addresses the content categories (project description; project rationale; approach; timeline, budget and plan for implementation; anticipated work product; evaluation plan and dissemination of results)
  • Impact (20 points): Aims to have a positive impact on student success
  • Innovation (20 points): Original or a creative adaptation
  • Replication/Scalability (20 points): Ability to be replicated elsewhere with minimal difficulty
  • Budget (20 points): Budget must be commensurate with the proposal activities; examples of fundable activities include technology or software, student or faculty incentives, meeting expenses, materials, etc.   

Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs for review. Final recommendations for grant awards will be forwarded to the Executive Vice President and Provost for approval.

Announcement of Awards

The 2018 Innovation Fund awards will be announced no later than March 26, 2018. Disbursements will be made in three installments - one in the summer to begin the work, one in the fall to continue the work and the final when the project is complete contingent upon timely submission of required interim/final narrative and financial reports and completion of the deliverable.