Five Decades of Growth and Excellence:
1960 Dade County Junior College begins operations in temporary facilities. Kenneth R. Williams, first President.

Dade County Junior College, 1960
From a humble beginning in temporary facilities...

Photo collage: M-DCC today

1962 Dr. Peter Masiko named second President of Dade County Junior College.
1963 North Campus’ first permanent building completed.
1964 South Campus begins operations in temporary facilities.
1968 Florida Legislature separates community colleges from public school system. Miami-Dade now governed by its own District Board of Trustees.
1969 100,000th student enrolled.
1971 Construction begins on a third campus in downtown Miami.
1971 Allied Health Center opens at Mount Sinai.
1972 InterAmerican Center opens in Little Havana.
1973 College renamed Miami-Dade Community College.
1976 Medical Center Campus dedicated.
1978 Beginning of Educational Reforms: Standards of Academic Progress implemented; computerized Academic Alert and Advisement System begins. 2000 Learning Agenda initiated.
1980 Dr. Robert H. McCabe named third President of Miami-Dade Community College. 2001 1 million students enrolled since 1960.
1981 Hialeah Center opens. 2001 State approves 4-year baccalaureate degree in Education.  
1984 Downtown campus renamed Mitchell Wolfson New World Center Campus. 2003 May 24, 2003: Florida Legislature authorizes name change from M-DCC to Miami Dade College (MDC). 
1985 First community college in the U.S. to have graduated 100,000 students. 2003 First class seeking Bachelor of Science in Education admitted in Fall Term.
1985 Designated the Finest Community College in America. 2003 Honors College begins.
1988 New World School of the Arts created. 2004 Hialeah Center becomes Hialeah Campus
1989 Liberty City Entrepreneurial Education Center opens. 2005 First Bachelor of Science in Education graduates from MDC.
1990 Homestead Campus opens. 2005 Learning Agenda II initiated.
1992 Referendum passes – Community Endowment established. 2005 West Campus opens.
1992 Hurricane Andrew: $13 million in damages to campuses. 2005 Freedom Tower donated to MDC.
1992 First 25 Endowed Teaching Chairs awarded.


1.5 millionth student enrolled.

1993 College receives first Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for excellence in teaching and learning. 2006 First entering class admitted, Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management, Fall Term.
1995 Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón named fourth President of Miami-Dade Community College. 2007 First graduates, Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management
1998 Year of implementation for Education Review, Reengineering, Technology Master Plan and Odyssey proposals. 2008 First entering class admitted, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Spring Term.
1998 InterAmerican Center becomes InterAmerican Campus. 2008 Miami International Film Festival and Miami Book Fair International celebrate 25th anniversaries.
1998 Tamiami Aviation Center established at Tamiami airport. 2009 Chronicle of Higher Education selects MDC as one of the "Great Colleges to Work For".
1998 Computerworld  Smithsonian Award for Technological Innovation. 2009

First entering class admitted, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology, Summer Term.

First entering class admitted in Health Science with Option in Physician Assistant Studies and in Film, Tevelision, and Digital Production, Term Fall.

    2010 Confucius Institute opened.
    2010 Four new baccalaureate degrees offered in response to workforce needs.
    2010 New state-of-the-art Science Complex opened at North Campus.
    2010 MDC launched new culinary program - the Miami Culinary Institute.
    2010 Celebrated MDC's 50th anniversary.
    2012 First entering class admitted, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Early Childhood Education.

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