Wellness and Fitness Center


Body Basics

Step, floor aerobics, sculpting basics geared to the "new" fitness enthusiast! You don't have to feel left out or out of sync in this class. Get in step with this total body workout. One step insert maximum. Abs and flexibility included.


Abs and Back

The focus is strengthening and stretching the torso, the abdominal wall and the back. Only 30 minutes for these three critical areas in the body. Includes warm up and cool down. Intermediate and advanced.


Hip Hop

Like to move with the latest tunes on MTV and still get a workout? Easy to follow stylized dance workout that is designed to accommodate different fitness and skill levels. Abs and stretching included. Beginner and intermediate.


Interval Explosion

Explode with energy! High intensity intervals of cardiovascular power, stepping, jump rope, hi/low aerobics combined with weight and tubing strengthening. This is no dance class! Interval training burns more calories and gets you fit faster. For the intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiast.


Kick Boxing

Introducing Tae-bo™ Combos - A fun, yet practical exercise program which incorporates cross training and interval techniques which combine the fundamentals of aerobics and kick boxing. A high intensity workout which includes boxing moves, jump roping, weights, abs, and stretching. Intermediate to advanced.


Power Hour Step

A challenging cardio workout including power and propulsion moves that will keep you jumping and your pulse pumping. A great class for the advanced stepper or athlete. Abs and stretching included. Advanced.


Step 'N Sculpt

Cardio plus muscular endurance, the best combination for those that want to "burn fat" and define and shape the major muscles of the body A no-nonsense workout that includes twenty-five minutes of stepping plus twenty-five minutes of upper and lower body strengthening and toning with weights, bands, and tubing. Beginner, intermediate.


Sweat Express

Need a workout but don't want to spend a whole hour? Sweat Express is a total workout in 45 minutes. Includes warm up, 25 minutes of high intensity step hi/low aerobics or slide plus abdominal work and stretching. Geared to the intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiast.


Body Pump

Dynamite strengthening, toning, and defining all the major muscle groups! An entire class dedicated to the shaping of the body. Using weights, bands, and tubing. You'll see why building muscle can be the body's greatest fat-burning asset. Beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Water Works

Experience the "Wave of the Future." Water fitness classes designed to provide great cardiovascular benefits without the stress of regular aerobics. Aqua steps and resistance apparatus add variety to a safe and effective workout. Beg. & interm.


Athletic Conditioning

Geared to the advanced athlete and fitness enthusiast. The one hour fifteen minute workout includes power stepping, plyometrics, anaerobic conditioning, strength workout for upper and lower body, and stretching.


Upper Cut

30 minute upper body strengthening, using weights, tubing, and bands. Concentration is on shoulders, chest, back, and arms.


Below the Belt

30 minutes of lower body strengthening, using weights, tubing, and bands. Concentration is on gluteals and legs.


Cardio Max

Mix It Up! Tired of working out the same way every class? Try this new format, offering a variety of cardiovascular workouts like step, box, aerobics, slide, plus weights and never get bored. Intermediate fitness enthusiasts will love this class. Abs and flexibility included.



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