Wellness and Fitness Center


Health and Fitness Assessments

“MicroFit”: A detailed computerized printout addressing an individual's heart rate and blood pressure during resting and exercise periods. A cardiovascular evaluation will be conducted at sub-maximal levels. Oxygen uptake, pulmonary lung function, height, and weight recommendations, flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and endurance will also be evaluated and explained by a staff member.


Orientation and Instruction on Equipment

All facility users will be required to attend an orientation provided by a qualified fitness instructor. Orientations will be conducted every hour based on (e.g.) highly visited hours, or 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) during regular to slower periods.


Personal Training and Specialty Exercise Prescription

A trained and certified staff member will design and guide members on an exercise program tailored to their limitation needs and goals.


  1. Exercise principles and guidelines discussed.
  2. Proper techniques demonstrated.
  3. Motivational support.
Nutrition Consultations


  • One-on-one nutrition recommendations. (Intervene with cooperating dieticians, nutritionist, and health care professionals.)
  • Analysis of diet
  • Availability of computer for internet navigation in nutrition sites
  • Meal planning and designing
  • Shopping healthy/label reading
  • On campus support group (e.g. Weight Watcher's)
Health and Fitness Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations

This is a team of individuals from the college's faculty, specialized staff, and community professionals who provide regular lectures, seminars and workshop certification programs on a variety of health related topics such as: nutrition and weight management, smoking cessation, HIV education, etc.


Community Fundraisers

Join the team that cares for those that are less fortunate. The Wellness Center is always looking for individuals to join in fundraising events. Bulletins, flyers, and announcements on the following events: American Heart Association HeartWalk, AIDS Walk, March of Dimes-birth defects, "Spinning" for the United Way, Corporate Run-Leukemia, Walk for Cure-Breast Cancer, Juvenile and Adult Diabetes Walk-A-Thon for a good cause.


Health and Fitness Screenings

The program will provide and schedule ongoing tests in:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Composition
    1. Caliper Measurements
    2. Electrical Impedance
    3. Anthropediac/Circumference Measurements
  • Diabetes (glucose levels)
  • Back and Posture
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Fitness Assessments (tests may include: cardiac risk profile, oxygen consumption, and basal metabolic rate)
  • Vision/Hearing
  • Podiatry
  • Total Blood Lipid Profile

Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, ethnicity, pregnancy, sexual orientation or genetic information. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, at 305.237.2577.