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Disk Quota Policy and Procedure

To define guidelines for disk utilization limits for the users of computers managed by the college wide Campus Network Service (CNS) departments.

The College provides employees access to network storage to guarantee that important documentation is saved and protected (H: drive). Also, extra network storage is provided to share common documentation among departmental personnel (I: drive). Employees have a responsibility to use these resources in a responsible manner.
Disk space is a limited resource that is expensive to increase and maintain. Providing network storage involves specialized hardware above and beyond simple hard drives.  Any upgrade to our storage solution automatically impacts our infrastructure. Several primary storage components must be considered including chassis, network cards, controllers, and RAID drives. Fault tolerant components include hundreds of very expensive tapes, drives, tape libraries, software, and licensing based on total amount of data being protected, and support agreements.  As more employees are hired, the cost of upgrading this entire infrastructure must be considered. Therefore, it is prudent for all employees to make efforts to conserve disk space at all times.
The use of disk quotas in our computer system is a proactive measure to allow efficient management and high-availability of storage resources. By allocating a fair amount of space to each user, we ensure that your access is never interrupted by another user monopolizing the network’s entire storage capacity.

By default, 300 MB of disk space is allocated to each user to facilitate storage of college related documents on their home folder (H: drive).
CNS understands that special needs do exist; therefore, CNS will increase quotas for specific users, on a case-by-case basis. Procedures for requesting additional disk space are outlined below. Request for additional disk space will only be allocated when the use is consistent with Policy VII-1: Use of Computing Resources at Miami Dade College .
Customers are urged to periodically review disk space utilization, and delete or off-load any unnecessary files (unused or duplicates) to another form of media such as a flash drive, CD, DVD, etc.
Occasionally, a project may require larger amounts of disk space. Customers are urged to seek technical assistance to find out if there is a more efficient way to store such data. Assistance is available from CNS Helpdesk.

Employees who need additional space should make the request to the helpdesk via e-mail to be reviewed and approved by CNS Director or designee. Each request will be reviewed to determine if it is valid, how much additional space is needed and if there is space available. Basically, request for additional space will be on an incremental basis of 200 MB up to 1 GB. Any request for 1 GB and above will need to be approved by their Department head and the request should be forwarded via e-mail to the Campus Chief Information Officer for review and approval. CNS will monitor storage and will reinstate the default quota for all accounts that no longer need increased quotas.




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