English & Communications Department Full Time Faculty

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Name Discipline Phone Location E-Mail / Faculty Web Page
Tarkan Blanco, Bashak English 305-237-2019 2202-2 basak.tarkan@mdc.edu
Bognar, Suzanne English 305-237-2515 2218-3 suzanne.bognar@mdc.edu
de Benedictis, Michel English 305-237-2111 2202-7 michel.debenedictis@mdc.edu
Duasso, Manuel English 305-237-2712    mduasso@mdc.edu
Gonzalez, Carlos English 305-237-0934 2218-4 carlos.gonzalez3@mdc.edu
Hospital, Carolina English 305-237-2932 2220-3 maria.hospital@mdc.edu
Knepper, Marie L. Speech 305-237-0308 M-213 marie.knepper@mdc.edu
Lague, Victoria English 305-237-0921 2202-3 victoria.lague@mdc.edu
Leitch, Patrick English 305-237-2907 2202-6 patrick.leitch@mdc.edu
Lichtman, Eric Speech/English 305-237-2954 M-203 eric.lichtman@mdc.edu
Machado, Eduardo English 305-237-2364 2220-5 eduardo.machado@mdc.edu
Magellan, Marta English 305-237-2931 2218-1 marta.magellan@mdc.edu
Murphy, William Speech 305-237-2483 M-209 william.murphy2@mdc.edu
Rosen-Gonzalez, Kristen English 305-237-2079 M-214 kristin.rosen@mdc.edu
Perez-Mirabal, Elena English 305-237-2548 2202-3 elena.perez-mirabal@mdc.edu
Pau-Llosa, Ricardo English 305-237-2510 2202-8 ricardo.paullosa@mdc.edu
Robinson, Christine English 305-237-2508 2220-7 christine.robinson@mdc.edu
Schroeder, David English 305-237-2512 2220-6 david.schroeder@mdc.edu
Ser, Cary English 305-237-2254 2220-8 cary.ser@mdc.edu
Sigale, Merwin Mass Comm 305-237-2261 M-240 merwin.sigale@mdc.edu
Todd, John W. Speech 305-237-2376 M-210 john.todd@mdc.edu
Townsend, Peter English 305-237-2167 2218-2 peter.townsend@mdc.edu
Wadle, David Speech 305-237-2639 M-212 david.wadle@mdc.edu
Zamorano, Martha English 305-237-0929 2220-1 martha.zamorano@mdc.edu


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