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How Computers Have Changed Our Lives

     Students in Professor Helen Roland's EAP 1540 Writing V class were asked to write about how computers have changed their lives.  Some of the students comment on positive changes while others think we've become too dependent on technology.  Who do you agree with?

Computers Have Changed All Our Lives 
by Leda Guevara

Computers have changed all our lives, especially in the area of health. New support systems in computer technology have been discovered and recent developments have helped the health field. Before, some causes of death were unknown to doctors, and in many cases because they did not have the technology of computers that we have today. Computer advances have helped medicine in three important ways:  in preventing, diagnosing, and treating patients with different illnesses.
            The most modern computer machine is the CT Scan or MRIS. With this machine, a doctor can see three-dimensional images in 360 degrees of our entire body, helping to prevent many diseases. For example, patients with kidney problems have a procedure called hemodialysis. Ten years ago, this procedure was very difficult and would have taken more than five hours to complete. Today, with the development of capillary technology and computers, the process is quick.
            The DNA computer technology machine has changed medicine. Ten or twenty years ago, doctors did not understand how cells communicated internally and externally, how proteins worked, and how genetic material was organized and worked. These machines have helped to diagnose disease through the study of biochemistry, microbiology, and anatomy. For example, cell culture systems have developed to extend the embryonic stem cells which can be cultured and where new organs can be grown in labs. New skin is used to cover burned skin; computer procedures help people with burned skin. For instance, computers help in testing for future treatment of liver problems. A patient diagnosed with liver cancer can have the liver removed, take out the cancerous cells, and put the liver back in the patient.
            A man/woman was hospitalized because of a heart attack at the Trauma Center in Jackson Memorial Hospital. Immediately doctors decided to do emergency surgery. They put a microchip inside his heart; this microchip helps the blood flow more efficiently, and with the help from this machine, this treatment will prevent another heart attack. Another discovery was for the patient with lung cancer. A new microchip allows the patient to have less pain. The machine also brings a special treatment, which sends a wave to the brain in order for the patient to take out the desire to smoke.
            However, pages and pages would be needed to write about how the computer has changed our lives. As you can see, we need to give thanks to God for giving us the knowledge to make new discoveries in computers. Today, people can enjoy more pleasant lives as a result of computers.


     How Computers Have Improved Our Lives
by Alexis Arroyo

     Computers have improved studentís lives, medical equipment, and communication technology more then any other invention in world history.
     Now computers have made student life easier and faster. For example, now they can find information in regards to their homework instead of having to go to the library. Also, they can keep in touch with their teachers all the time.
     Computers have improved medical equipment also. One of these improvements is the new robot built to make it possible for a surgeon to perform surgery even if the patient is thousands of miles away.
     In addition, computers have improved communication all over the world. For example, people do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on long distance calls. Therefore, they can converse for hours without having to spend a penny.
     These are just a few examples of how computers have improved student life, also developed medical equipment, and have improved communication technology. In my opinion, computers are the greatest invention in world history.


How Computers Have Changed  Music
by Cesar Santos

     Since the beginning of music, man has been trying to innovate and create new ways to do old things better. We have seen  changes in many fields of arts, for instance, in movies, in visual arts, and of course in music. One of the biggest changes in music was the incorporation of computers in music. That innovation with computers expanded this art to unlimited fields never seen before. That change allows us to go into three important aspects.
     The first aspect is in the sound quality. With this aspect, your music is going to have a professional sound. That ďproĒ sound is used by the majority of artists currently. Digital components are able to produce the best sound of each musical instrument played.
     Another aspect is in the area of musical development. That includes all the steps that are needed to make a product, for example, composition, mixing, recording, and mastering. In this aspect, you can have almost the perfect balance between tracks. Also, the artistsí skills are not going to deteriorate, because of external aspects, such as, musical mistakes, equipment problems, failed rhythms, etc.
     The last aspect is the recording process. Here you can increase your recording quality by the highly detailed equalizers in the computers. Also you can modify the sound by adding new tracks and new digital technology.
     It is clear that music is getting more style and concept thanks to computers.  Technology is better each day, and our lives are strongly influenced by computers. Music and computers are both very close. Probably this couple will be together for many, many years.

Disadvantages of Computers
by Esra Seren Kavuk 

     Although each technology that we accept during our lifetime has some advantages, there are some disadvantages in our lives.
     One of the consequences is isolation and losing your relationship with people, which is a common disaster for computer fans. For example, people spend more time with computers. They are not only seeing less of their friends and family, but also spending less time shopping and watching television. When the Internet was created, the Internet companies figured out that by shopping online and planning trips online, people should have more time to spend with their families.
     In addition, computers are causing people to work more. People can work from their house 24 hours a day and make themselves more productive. But working can also cut them off from family and friends.
     Also, it causes some health problems. For instance, spending too much time in front of the computer means looking at the computer screen, which makes the eyes tired. So, after hours, they become red and it is hard to see the words. Their eyes start itching which is harmful.
     The last disadvantage is for the body. Staying in a chair for hours in front of the computer is also not healthy for the backbone. It needs to be straight and vertical.
     All in all, computers have some bad effects besides their advantages for our life.  


by Mercedes Vidales 

     In the new millennium, everything has been changed. One of the things that has changed is technology. Computers have taken a very important place in the world. Computers have three interesting advantages in the areas of time, education, and economics. Those three advantages will help you improve your knowledge.
     In the area of time, computers help to save time. Computers are faster at doing any kind of job; consequently, if you know how to use a computer you can work less time than you would without one. You work as quickly as you learn.
     Computers help you to improve your knowledge. This educational area is interesting because you can explore some information that you want to know; furthermore, computers help people in a variety of professions.
     In the area of economics, computers help you. For example, if you have a computer at home you save money. You donít need to leave home to get information. In addition, you donít move your car, and you are saving gas.
     In short, it is necessary to have access to computers because they help you in different ways. Therefore computers have taken an important place in the world.


    Computers Have Changed Our Lives
by Patricia Wong

    Itís amazing how computers have changed our lives. For example, computers have made work easier. Before computers, work took more time, because everything was manual and had to be printed, so finding files and information was difficult and slow. In contrast, now every office and business uses computers.  Places like stores, restaurants, offices, hospitals, police departments, airports, etc, use computers because computers can keep a lot of information which is organized in files or programs and easy to find in one place and in a short time. Besides, computers can control machinery and engines faster and efficiently than if someone has to do it personally. Also, computers have influenced our everyday life. Before the computers, for example, we use to buy things personally, by mail or by phone. But with computers, we can buy anything and request information about items that we want in short time and without the necessity of going to the stores.  Also, with computers we have the possibility of playing games, reading books, listening to music, watching movies, pictures, etc. in only one place and very fast without the necessity of going to different places. Furthermore, cars are equipped with computers such as, those that can inform us about the temperature, if the engine has a problem, open a window by pressing a button or finding a street. In addition, we can chat or e-mail someone wherever and whenever we want in a short time and with the certainty that this person has received our message and will have an answer very soon.      Otherwise, computers have changed the way that we can learn in school. We can use the computer as a word processor that is more comfortable and easier to use than a typewriter. With the computer, we can get a lot of information quickly from the Internet so we donít have to go to the library and look for a lot of books. In addition, computers help us to keep a lot of information and process it quickly and them use it anytime. As you can see, there are some examples of how computers have changed our life and made it more comfortable and easy.


Computers Have Changed Our Society
by Yuliana Rodriguez

     Computers have helped men through the years.  They have brought innumerable benefits. Our lives have become easier and more organized. Now, everything depends on computers. We need them for communication, school, banking, business administration, and almost every aspect of our lives. Computers help us save money and time; there is no doubt that those are wonderful machines and that in these days computers have become a necessity for us. On the other hand, computers have reduced the number of employees, because machines are doing jobs people used to do. They have increased unemployment and the rich have become richer because they are owners of factories and they have reduced the personnel. I think people trust too much in computers.  Sometimes they forget that those are machines and can make mistakes that from my point of view have more risk than a human mistake.  For example, talking about traffic lights that are managed by computers, if one of those computers make a mistake or are damaged,  traffic is going to be messy, and we will see a lot of accidents. Another example  was is in the year 2000, when everybody was afraid of Y2K. Some people thought it was going to be the end of the world. It could have caused chaos.  For that reason, I think that we have to be prepared to respond if something happens with the computers. We have to stop depending on a small machine that is inferior to us.