Citing Your Sources
Typical Parts of a Citation
As you do your research keep a detailed list of the books, periodical articles, Web,
and other information sources you use. Below are examples of very basic citations,
showing the structure of a citation followed by an example.
Whenever you quote, paraphrase, summarize or refer to someone else's work you
are required to
cite the source. A citation allows readers to locate the original
you are citing. Typical parts of a citation include author, title, publication
data, date, and web
address. Follow this link for more details on MLA style.
For a book
For a periodical article
For web sites and online information
Citing the World Wide Web

Title of Web site. Date site was created or updated. Publisher of web site. Organization
sponsoring the site, Date accessed  Complete URL.
English.  23 Oct. 2000.  Dept. of English, Howard U.  3 March 2003
Follow the link below for more detailed information on citing electronic resources.
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