Information Sources
Starting with Your College Library
Library resources go through a review process. Librarians
select resources for the library such as books, videos, magazines, journals,
databases, and websites. The library collects sources considered reliable,
credible and authoritative. The key idea of using the library is that you are
getting qualityover quantity.
Library resources are
available in the Library
and on the Web.
The  Library
Website is designed  to support
your academic needs. The
resources selected for the
website are evaluated and  
organized to streamline your
research. Personal assistance
is available whether your are in
the library or at home.
Library resources are
purchased to meet your
academic needs.
A primary
function of a college library is to
purchase and make available
information that supports college
courses and the research needs
of students. Both current and
retrospective information is
Library resources are
Items are
organized so you can easily
find sources on a topic.  When
you search for a book in the
LINCC online catalog; the call
number that identifies where
the item is located. Similar
books  have similar call
numbers and are grouped
together for easy access.
Library Definitions  Some of the terms used throughout this tutorial may be new to you.  Click
this link for a brief list of library definitions.
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Library resources come with personal assistance. Libraries have staff who are
trained to help you. They'll answers your questions and help you learn to use online and
print resources--at no charge.