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Using LINCCWeb Databases:
How to find the full text if not available
Some research databases may not have the full text of the article you want. When
this occurs, you can use
SFX.  SFX will indicate if your article is available in one of
the Library's other research databases. It will also give you search options to learn
if the Library owns the periodical in print or microfilm or whether it's available at
another campus library.
To use SFX, click on the "LINCCWebSFX" link, located at the end of each
citation in the results list. The
first article only has a citation, the second,
only an abstract. For these, use LINCCWebSFX.
Using Your Library:
Miami Dade College Libraries
Ask A Librarian
Notice the third article shown here has a         link to the article text. You would
not need  to use LINCCWeb SFX.
In other research databases, look for the link to" LINCCWebSFX" to find
out if your article is in the library.
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